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  3. Serana_xo

    Ban appeal

    This isn't where you appeal a ban, you need to make a ban appeal for your discord ban here.
  4. Plagie

    Ban appeal

    Can the server owners unbans me on discord server since i already got unbanned from the sever
  5. William_Kim

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: William_Kim What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: The prison server said (twice) that I had received an autosell voucher, but when I looked at my inventory, there was nothing there. I believe that it may have been destroyed because my inventory was full, but I would still like to be able to claim what is rightfully mine. Can the server please do something about this and give me the autosell command? Thank you.
  6. Last week
  7. DeadMaster


    //undo was originally a command but due to discovered exploits it was removed and most likely remained removed
  8. DeadMaster

    EXP Blocks

    There is now a dedicated mine for experience > /warp xp
  9. DeadMaster

    [Feedback] Commands

    /autosell = no use /ptime = You can just use /pweather <time> if I recall correctly /afk = indicates if you're afk or not /feed = useful for new players
  10. DeadMaster

    Gold Ingots in Choppers

  11. DeadMaster

    (Hiseiro) Refund Request

    Can you provide a list of spawners that you lost?
  12. Skully

    I lost my pick.

    This is the incorrect section to request a refund. Additionally, we do not refund items lost at the fault of the player, please see our refund request guidelines for more information.
  13. RyCheX

    I lost my pick.

    Hello! My ign is RyCheX, i lost my pickaxe because i put in the shulker box and i break it. Some proof this is my pick: the name is ^[scarlxrd]^ and nearly explosive 150. This is my pick. I know you dont see the name, but im not lying (Dont look my english, im hungary)
  14. ItsMafiaPlays

    Uhm hi im mafia yay

    And theres my other friend yay 1000 iq dude yay
  15. DeadMaster

    [Feedback] Blocks

    To be added, thanks
  16. DeadMaster

    2 suggestions for Prison

    Plots is a thing for a reason /pv a = 1 /pv z = 26 your welcome
  17. DeadMaster

    Diversity in Skyblock

    Events, parkour, more quests, island level milestones & a lot more is planned to be added soon for rewarding players with more rewards along with more spawners are being added soon, they will consist of custom drops (not op ones though)
  18. DeadMaster

    top miners!

    To be re-added
  19. DeadMaster

    [Prison] Some Helpful Tips

    Would require to change the economy quite a bit, along with making new mines which may lead to performance issues Tokens: sure PvP: This is a feature to prevent hackers, may reduce it to 6 hours Mob generator: mine for money
  20. DeadMaster

    [Prison] Some Helpful Tips

    All unique ranks getting a kit will not the best idea, it's better to prevent having a lot more kits - though, there are plans for giving kits to Captain rank & Commander
  21. DeadMaster

    Prison > SB Conversion

    We don't support converting money from skyblock > prison, us adding this may lead to incorrections etc
  22. DeadMaster

    PvP Rewards.

    To be added
  23. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Fixed, thanks - dm me on discord for a refund
  24. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    To be fixed, thanks
  25. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Fixed, thanks
  26. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    To be fixed, thanks
  27. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    En que version estas?
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