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    Hey everyone, I am only playing on this server for a couple of months,so I dont know the entire history off games on this server and how it evolved, but I just wanted too know if the owners have any ambition of putting any minigames in the server. I have tons of minigame ideas that I have not found on any other server so far. I know that the server has no enough players to put a lot of minigames in yet, but if one of those minigames reaches youtube and gets popular, that might be very favorable for the amounts of players that play on the server. The surroundings of the server look very proffesional (discord, website, ...) and I think it could handle a growth spurt from the server. I dont know if this is going to make it, but let me and the server owners know your opinion and maybe one day who knows lukas9446
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    Sell signs

    You can use the schematica mod to place shop signs a lot faster.
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    A cool new minigame <3

    Not required though, you can make it yourself > get 4 plots > /p merge all > /p add * (or /p trust *) > /p flag set pvp true Achievement get! Create a minigame
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    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: xXDRAGONPROXx95 What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello I found a bug that most players experience its a bug with keys ive recent finnish the easter egg quest and got the legendary key when ive placed the legendary key it disapeared without giving me a reward pls fix it and i want my legendary key back
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    [Feedback] Spawners

    Problem: At the moment blaze spawners are the only good ones, and there are a lot of markets that are unused due to all the spawners being worth so little. And I think that this could easily be fixed be just buffing them or changing the drops. What do I propose: I think that just buffing the value in money will not really help. I suggest changing a lot of drops from spawners into all kinds of stuff, the more the better. My list of things that could be added as a drop: Valuable blocks / items (diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots, lapis, redstone), CE books (Common, rare, legendary), Keys (Common, rare, legendary, spawner), and 2-4 spawners that are used to get money (i suggest some random blocks as drops like sponge, end portal frame, jack-o-lantern, obsidian, moss stone, dead bush, note block), 1 more for XP maybe (just a more expensive one that gives more XP). As you may have noticed custom drops give a lot of opportunities for possible drops, and I hope at least some of these will be added. Anything else: I added some things in the list that might be too op like legendary stuff, but I only added those to make the list of possibilities i could think off complete. Also Lapis and Redstone blocks are not really valuable blocks, but in a future post I will probably suggest to raise their is value. Hopefully we can see a thriving spawner economy soon lukas9446
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    Applying for Staff at UltraNetwork

    Hi there! I'm here to assist and give out some information to anyone who has previously applied to be a member of staff at UltraNetwork, or anyone who is interested. Being a part of our staff team is greatly rewarding, especially for those who strive to help others. The UltraNetwork Staff Team As the manager of the staff team, it's my job to ensure that we induct people with a genuine interest in helping other players, people who have a clean history and those who are known within the server for being generous and simply a down to earth person. There's alot of things that go into play when a staff member is being chosen, to this date we have received over twenty thousand applications, and less than twenty players have ever been accepted. We hold one of the highest standards you'll come across in any server and this is simply to ensure we provide the best experience for our players. At any given time, you can view who is in the staff team by checking the Staff Roster. (This is also available to visit from the navigation bar above the forums.) Joining The Team - Minimum Requirements Step one comes with getting passed the initial review, this consists of making sure you meet the initial application requirements, these are visible at the top of the application form itself though alot of people seem to completely ignore them. Half of the applications we receive don't even meet the minimum requirements and immediately get denied. You MUST meet the following requirements in order to become a staff member: You must be 13 years of age, or older. You must be fluent in English. You must have a minimum of 48 hours played on the server. (Check your play time with /pt) You must have not been banned from the server within the last month. You must be active. You must have experience on the server. You must be willing to use Discord. You must have a relatively clean punishment history. You must be present in our Discord server. Do you meet all the requirements? Good! Let's proceed. Joining The Team - Application Tips Question Responses The next part is to ensure your application is actually something that we'll want to read. We receive roughly five applications every day, so you need to do your best to ensure YOUR application strands out. Avoid writing generic sentences such as: "I want to join the team to help players" or "I am good at finding hackers". A more appropriate approach would be: "I strive to assist other players and gain personal motivation and a sense of achievement from helping and teaching newcomers." With a sentence like the one above, you've already demonstrated you're passionate about genuinely helping players and teaching new members in the community. When talking about your previous experience, it's important to mention your role in any other server you've moderated for, how long you were a part of the team and why you left. Evidence of being a part of a team is also quite strong to prove that you do in fact have previous moderation experience. Grammar & Language It's extremely important that you can demonstrate you have a basic understanding of the English language, along with grammar. This means putting full stops and commas where they belong. If you don't know what any of this means then I'm sorry to say you're probably not old enough to apply - you should probably get off Minecraft and go study for English class. Lacking grammar and showing broken English or incorrect sentence structures can result in denial because we require members who have the basic ability to communicate effectively and clearly, this comes especially important in a support and assistance environment like being a staff member since you'll be constantly answering questions. Activity Within Server We always look for key members who we know from the server, players who's names pop up in the chat every now and then. A plus if you're frequently helping players who have questions, this helps you stand out alot more. If you think being helpful only when a owner is online to slip past this will help you, it won't. We're online alot of the time, and primarily invisible to online players, especially myself. Asking About Your Application It is crucially important that you don't do this. You may be curious regarding the status of it, and this is normal but with the tons of applications received on a daily basis, we don't want to constantly check people's applications whenever they ask us. No matter how good your application may be, if you ask about it - we'll probably deny you since it displays your lacking patience. Applications are always reviewed, just be patient. In rare cases, applications may be left unreviewed for a week, though this only occurs in the event that we receive a large amount of them at once. Joining The Team - Background Check Your application itself is only the start of the process. If you get passed the basic application and we like what we see, the background check begins. This consists of the following: A basic check to ensure your application isn't copied from somewhere else. If we find your application is copy/pasted then you will be permanently denied from ever applying again so think twice. We double check to ensure the information in your application is true. This means a check of your actual play time, and player history. If you have been banned before then you have a lower chance of being accepted though this depends entirely on how many bans you have and how long ago they were issued. We run logs on your recent and previous chat history to see what kind of a player you are, and what kind of interactions you uphold with other players - do you come out as helpful, do you talk alot and do you use a decent level of English? The applicant is voted on internally by management and further reviewed by moderators and helpers - we get feedback from our current active staff members to tell us what they know about you. (Another reason why you should be nice and compliant to our staff. ) A final review to ensure all information provided and votes are genuine. At any point within this application if there are mismatches or any questions we may have, you may be asked to conduct an interview over Discord. A interview is extremely rare though if it occurs, you'll be asked basic questions regarding your application and about yourself. This can be done over text or voice depending on whatever you're comfortable with. That's it! You have all the tips and advice you need in order to successfully join the staff team! If you follow these instructions accordingly in your next staff application, you should see yourself being a part of the Helper Team in no time. You can apply to join the staff team here - https://forums.ultranetwork.me/index.php?/forms/1-staff-application/ If you have any questions at any time, feel free to comment below and I'll get back to you.
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    hi everyone this server is so fun right? skyblock, and prison well that's only two games hope there is more soon goodbye!
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    hey firey

    hey firey
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    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    ^ Tags will not be displayed in the new chatformat though
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    The shop has alot of items to sell with high and low prices.. Based on the experience, 1.9 Items are not really appealable by players on Skyblock, especially me, There's no selling prices for the End items, magmablocks or the Shulker and the different kinds of boxes (with colors) Based on experience, we do not have a reason to buy the items except the Shulker box, Magma blocks and the end rods.. on the 1.9 section So, to fix this problem, i'd suggest to add a selling price, you can reduce the buying price if you want, and they might use the Chorus Flower and the other items on 1.9 so that they can take advantage of it like the items on the rest (mostly profit shops) -Your Loyal Player, Katelyn312
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    Hello, Following the recent prison reset some changes have been made to the upgrade system. The one I will be focusing on is the fact that the /upgrade limit for pickaxes is 300(500 is the server max). I would like to suggest bringing that up to 350. Here is why: Before the reset the upgrade cap was 500 (700 was the max): 500/700 = 71% Now it's 300(500 is the max): 300/500 = 60% But if you bring it up to 350: 350/500 = 70% I believe that this is a nice idea but eh, it's just my personal opinion. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
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    2 suggestions for Prison

    Hello! The problem with this is that this is OP prison, not a normal one. If you use cells it just limits the players' creativity on here. Also, commands such as /fly and /craft, and for a little bit of money, /lc, are all commands that are easily accessible and help you around the plots and mines. Personally, I do not think that cells are a good idea, as they will not be used because they are unnecessary. Also, I think that this is absurd. As a f2p player you get 3 vaults + an enderchest, which is more than enough space. And if it is not. You can simply go get a plot and place some chests down and put your items away. This is an okay feature but I personally believe that it is pointless and just a waste of time. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
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    I also agree with Skruffy on this one, I would love to see the idea of server-wide events! Maybe also SB and Prison only events as well happening every so often.
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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to check if there is any room for events? And if there is, I suggest to not just make 1 solo events, but an entire calendar of events with a leaderbord etc. Possibilities enough: pvp, building, parkour, ... Just let me know what u think lukas9446
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    Unfortunately, we do not have any kinds of those events planned on a calendar. However, I love the idea of having events on the server every now and then.
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    Kit Keys (OP Prison)

    no, too overpowered
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    SkyBlock!!! :>

    Already previously added
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    Teach me how to banned appeal

    Please stop making threads about ban appeals in the Minecraft Discussion section. Please click the link that xXxToFFi and I have sent you, which takes you straight to making the ban appeal. Thread Locked.
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    Teach me how to banned appeal

    https://forums.ultranetwork.me/index.php?/forum/18-ban-appeals/ Make your ban appel here. And u need to dm skruffy. and ask him why he ban u.
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    Prison Reset - February 2019

    Not omega faster ye
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    Reseph's Idea In Skyblock l;

    to be added was un-optimized really badly as it was checking for chunks and every auto reboot the chunks would unload
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    Increase VoteParty rewards

    [UPDATED AFTER THE RESET] Hello staff and fellow prisoners, As you might know, every 150 votes there is a small "event" called VoteParty. It gives you some keys/tokens/gems etc. But my issue, and I am sure many would agree with me, is that the reward is basically non-existent. I believe that: VoteParty reward should be increased OR Lower the number of the votes needed to 80 My personal suggestion would be to make the reward a combination of gem and token keys, with the amount ranging from 8 to 16 keys per VoteParty. That way more players could access them, as they are very desirable. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
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    Quartz related blocks will be added to /shop & 'nether' generator upgrade section will be implemented in a future update, thanks for the suggestion
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    It's Burger, Hello and goodbye

    Haiiii every1! It's mehh, da Burger (OuterRaven) here, ya'll must've known me XD cuz I've been here for half a year yet this is da first time I've made an Introduction. A friend of mine said prison is about to reset but I can't be there being happy playing with ya'll anymore. I really miss ya'll, especially my best friends @CanOfiicialYT(Sky), @PikChu(Pik) and @ItsMafiaPlays(Alisa). I'm banned from UN and will never return. Tbh, UN, to me, is still the best cracked server I've ever played ;-;. I wish i hadn't made that terrible mistake and got banned. It had been a great experience playing here. Although the good times have passed away and all I have now is sadness, regrets and guiltiness, I'll never forget you guys ❤️. I wish ya'll the best time playing after reset. Best wishes ❤️ Da Burger (OuterRaven)