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    A cool new minigame <3

    Not required though, you can make it yourself > get 4 plots > /p merge all > /p add * (or /p trust *) > /p flag set pvp true Achievement get! Create a minigame
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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to check if there is any room for events? And if there is, I suggest to not just make 1 solo events, but an entire calendar of events with a leaderbord etc. Possibilities enough: pvp, building, parkour, ... Just let me know what u think lukas9446
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    I also agree with Skruffy on this one, I would love to see the idea of server-wide events! Maybe also SB and Prison only events as well happening every so often.
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    SkyBlock!!! :>

    Already previously added
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    Reseph's Idea In Skyblock l;

    to be added was un-optimized really badly as it was checking for chunks and every auto reboot the chunks would unload
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    It's Burger, Hello and goodbye

    Haiiii every1! It's mehh, da Burger (OuterRaven) here, ya'll must've known me XD cuz I've been here for half a year yet this is da first time I've made an Introduction. A friend of mine said prison is about to reset but I can't be there being happy playing with ya'll anymore. I really miss ya'll, especially my best friends @CanOfiicialYT(Sky), @PikChu(Pik) and @ItsMafiaPlays(Alisa). I'm banned from UN and will never return. Tbh, UN, to me, is still the best cracked server I've ever played ;-;. I wish i hadn't made that terrible mistake and got banned. It had been a great experience playing here. Although the good times have passed away and all I have now is sadness, regrets and guiltiness, I'll never forget you guys ❤️. I wish ya'll the best time playing after reset. Best wishes ❤️ Da Burger (OuterRaven)