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    an idea i have for the server is to make something called an "anomaly" basically what they do is a randomly generated overpowered mob that spawns in a random mine for example "A RARE ANOMALY HAS SPAWNED IN ROGUE MINE" and everyone who has unlocked rogue mine will go and kill it and will all get randomized rewards
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    Increase VoteParty rewards

    Hello staff and fellow prisoners, As you might know, every 150 votes there is a small "event" called VoteParty. It gives you some keys/tokens/gems. But my issue, and I am sure many would agree with me, is that the reward is basically non-existent. The maximum i ever got was a legendary key and a token key. I believe that: VoteParty reward should be increased OR Lower the number of the votes needed to 50 I hope you take this suggestion into consideration (and yes, I am aware that the font is lame) Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
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    A cool new minigame <3

    Hello, Me, PikChu, Skruffy and GoNgEr were fooling around and I came up with a cool concept. You should make a 100x100 plot with ice floor and put a lot of boats on it. Then turn the pvp on and let us drive inside our boats and shoot eachother with bows. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
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    Upgrading the Shop (skyblock)

    some of these blocks to be added
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    Hi There!

    _ I am PikChu. How's it going? Umm... I know four whole languages and instruments (expect me to play my instrument in vc, sorry in advance) [Learning four more languages as well :p] I like JAZZ But all memes aside... English- I'm PikChu, but call me Pik for short. I've been on the server for about 1.5 years now. My favo(u)rite instrument is the Soprano Saxophone even though I have started playing recently. I am a Freshman in High School, and I currently live in Hawaii (I'm moving soon though, staff already know about it. ) My favo(u)rite game is osu. It is pretty amazing, you should go check it out [Shameless self-promotion here, but my osu username is PikChuPC]. That's about it. 日本語= こんいちは、私はPikChuいいえますvあなたは私にPikを略して呼ぶことができる。私は約1年半このサーバーにいます。私が最近始めましたが、私のお気に入りの楽器はSoprano Saxophoneです。私は高校1年生で、現在ハワイに住んでいます(すぐに引っ越しますが、スタッフはすでに知っています。 ) 私のお気に入りのゲームはosuです。 それはかなり素晴らしいです、あなたはそれをチェックしに行くべきです [ここで恥知らずな自己宣伝、しかし私のosuユーザー名はPikChuPC]。それはそれについてです。 Espanol- Soy PikChu, pero llámame Pik para abreviar. He estado en el servidor durante aproximadamente 1,5 años. Mi instrumento de rito favorito es el saxofón soprano, aunque he empezado a tocar recientemente. Soy un estudiante de primer año en la escuela secundaria, y actualmente vivo en Hawai (aunque me mudo pronto, el personal ya lo sabe. ) Mi juego de rito favorito es Osu. Es bastante sorprendente, hay que ir a verlo [auto-promoción descarada aquí, pero mi nombre de usuario es osu PikChuPC]. Eso es todo. Francois- Je suis PikChu, mais appelez-moi Pik pour faire court. Je suis sur le serveur depuis environ 1,5 ans maintenant. Mon instrument préféré est le saxophone soprano même si j'ai commencé à jouer récemment. Je suis un étudiant de première année au lycée et je vis actuellement à Hawaii (je déménage cependant, le personnel le sait déjà. ) Mon jeu favori est osu. C'est assez étonnant, vous devriez aller voir ça [Auto-promotion sans vergogne ici, mais mon nom d'utilisateur osu est PikChuPC]. C'est à peu près ça.
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    Welcome to the server, TickleMyPickle
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    hello & welcome
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    Donator Rank Requests

    If you have donated to the server before and would like to obtain the forum or Discord donator rank, comment with your account name below and we'll have it issued to you! Want to become a donator and get access to the exclusive Donator Tag and private Premium Hub? Donate today!