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  1. (Broskiffle) Ban Appeal

    Unbanned by Kayou.
  2. Forgot my password

  3. UltraNetwork Memes / Meme Rating still my favourite meme
  4. Write the most typical Youtube comment below

    every pewdiepie video "hes out of original content!!!!1!!1!!!!"
  5. Hey @Skully do you need help to transalte the server forums? I can help a lot on that 

    1. Skully


      Sure man, what's your Discord?

    2. BrutalKiller


      just pm you


  6. Buy me xbox live

    1. Skully


      give me €7

  7. For the Owner , 

    Last 3 months ago , Two of my friends of mine decided to attempt to crash your server while it was lagging so bad . And I got banned by it. This to me was a wrong choice on my part and this will never happen again. If you decide not to unban me ... Then fine . Be like that. 

    = Dapunk

  8. Animal Game

    Nig-.. Nighthawk.
  9. More support for other languages

    We only brought support for spanish because we saw a large amount of players speaking it in the main chat and a majority of them joining the server. We added spanish chat and all of the forums were translated into spanish to make it easier for them. Having support for other languages at this point in time isn't required as far as I can see because we don't have a high demand of another player region. If we see a large growth towards another language then sure, we'll create support for it but for now it's an unnecessary step. At the end of the day, this is an english server primarily, people should be speaking english in the main chat, spanish in the spanish chat. It doesn't make sense to call it racism for those that do, that's like saying America is racist for being primarily english and not spanish.
  10. Improving Spanish chat

    A very good suggestion, we've placed the spanish chat in-game after seeing a large influx of spanish players come on the server, the spanish chat was added specifically for them though not alot of them use it because they don't know it exists. The issue is that we don't have any spanish staff members and we're continuously looking for some, but I've yet to see a spanish player apply. Us being unable to moderate spanish channels is also an issue because they could be saying things they shouldn't and we wouldn't know much of it. A broadcast message should definitely be added which comes every now and then and tells players about spanish chat @DeadMaster
  11. Tokens

    Hi, Please make a refund request here:
  12. ur not cool

  13. Donator Rank Requests

    That doesn't make you a donator, the donator rank is only for those who have made a purchase through the store. Done.
  14. Preferred types of games

    GTAV and PUBG is the only thing I really play nowadays, I've lost interest in other FPS games. I used to be mad into BF4 and BF1.
  15. I'm Going to quit for a while

    Best of luck, hope to see you back again soon!