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  1. don t havere recived the item

    Hiya, Looks like your purchases were all issued correctly, if you're still having issues then PM me on the forums or on our Discord server.
  2. Help.

    Accounts cannot be deleted off the server nor the forums, this is held from the terms of usage you accepted when you signed up, we keep all accounts to retain information for future references. If you don't intend on playing, simply don't log into your accounts.
  3. Voting system

    You need to be on a server.
  4. Abdron - Rank Transfer

  5. Donater Tags

  6. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Rank refunded, PM DeadMaster on Discord for your tag.
  7. Prison

    Closed due to no response.
  8. Change of account name

    We don't transfer account contents over apart from purchased donator ranks.
  9. Merging plots

    We can't merge plots owned by multiple players, they have to be owned by the same player.
  10. SmexyBest - Rank Transfer

  11. If your argument here is that the rules are not stated clearly enough, then I fail to understand what further procedure you want us to take apart from shoving the rules down a player's throat as soon as they join the Discord server. The #welcome channel displays the rules like I said, clearly and simply. They are easy enough to interpret and if you don't understand anything, you are free to approach a staff member for clarification. To the point that it is considered spam. Spam here being defined by its literal definition. Continuously posting something with the intention to flood the chat is what will result in a mute/ban. Once again, defined by its literal definition. And like I stated in my last message, punishments are issued at the discretion of the staff member since every case is different. We have a staff report section on our forums for this reason and you are welcome to use it. I don't understand what you're trying to explain here. Your argument here is that you only broke the rule once so you should be allowed to get away with it, this is similar to saying something along the lines of "I only used hacks on your server once, I should be allowed to get away with it." That's simply now how things work, rules exist for a reason and there are no exceptions in this case. As for the time limit, I've checked the Discord server and it doesn't appear you're muted and haven't been for quite a while, it isn't global and for a situation like this, it never would have been. Additionally, it doesn't matter if you just joined the server, rules are rules. This links back to my previous statement that there are no exceptions.
  12. being leader sorry i didnt think of the title

    You need to get the island owner to set you the leader, we are not going to do it for you.
  13. SmexyBest - Rank Transfer

    I don't understand what you want, are you trying to transfer rank to new account?
  14. ApocalyptoVirus - Rank Transfer

  15. Un ban me

    Make a ban appeal here.