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  1. Skully

    I lost my pick.

    This is the incorrect section to request a refund. Additionally, we do not refund items lost at the fault of the player, please see our refund request guidelines for more information.
  2. Skully

    Easter Sale

  3. Skully

    (Hiseiro) Refund Request

  4. Skully

    Monthly Top Voters

    MONTHLY TOP VOTERS Every month, we reward the top voters across each server as a thank you. It's simple to get involved in these rewards by going in-game to the server of your preference and doing /vote! You'll be issued your regular reward for voting but those who go above and beyond with dedication to voting for us regularly will be given higher tier rewards such as server ranks! To see this month's current top votes so far, you can use /votetop, your own personal vote count for the month is also shown in /vote. MONTHLY REWARDS Check out what you can win each month by simply voting for the server! The monthly rewards may be subject to change any time to be improved. It's possible to win twice in the same month on both servers, you will always be issued your reward on the server you win on. You can check out the monthly top voters history by checking the top voting spreadsheet: THIS MONTH'S REWARDS #1 TOP VOTER Diamond Rank Voucher #2 TOP VOTER Lapis Rank Voucher, x3 Ultra Keys #3 TOP VOTER Gold Rank Voucher, x2 Ultra Keys #4 TOP VOTER Iron Rank Voucher, x1 Ultra Key #5 TOP VOTER Coal Rank Voucher
  5. Happy birthday to you 

    may god bless you


    happy birthday bro


    1. Skully


      Thank you!

  6. Skully

    i forgot my password

    Please see this topic for an answer to your question.
  7. Skully

    Donator Rank Requests

    You must be the donator in order to get the group, you do not get it if someone else had made the purchase for you.
  8. Skully


    Hey, we were experiencing connection issues earlier today though it should be resolved now - try rejoin the server. If you are still experiencing connection issues then feel free to get in touch with an owner on our Discord server.
  9. Skully

    hello there.

    Hey man, welcome to the server!
  10. Skully

    [Idea] Forums section

  11. Skully

    i was banned and it was a misunderstanding

    This is not the correct place to appeal your ban, please fill out the following form.
  12. Skully

    Hi everyone isn't UltraNetwork so fun to play?

    Welcome, glad you're enjoying it!
  13. Skully

    Builder Application/Forums

    Thanks for your concern though we don't require builders. We have builder applications though they are currently closed since we have no need for them. Our staff don't handle building, neither do our administrators or frankly us owners - it's not our job. Whenever a building or structure is required we reach out to selected members who make it for us.
  14. Skully

    No puedo registrarme

    Te he enviado un mensaje privado con la solución a tu problema.
  15. Skully

    No puedo registrarme

    Hola! ¿Cuál es el nombre de la cuenta que desea registrar?