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  1. If its deleted its gone, we aren't going to pull a rollback for one plot.
  2. [Player Report] NightJer Reporting vinny_lbc

    Attach some evidence please.
  3. (Siqq) Refund Request

  4. Ban unfair ..

    As a player, it is your responsibility to make yourself aware of the rules. As stated in the topic:
  5. Some Suggestion

    - Servers have always run connected using a single-serve plugin. - Events occur occasionally all the time, especially through our Twitter, overdoing this devalues the point of events. - Forums are designed with a simplistic feel which the main navigation taking place from the home menu, hovering your mouse over any of the categories open a subsection to items. The rest are up to DeadMaster.
  6. Kits

    Will be considered within the near future, having keys added will effect the prices of the package itself.
  7. Prestigereward

    There is already rewards for prestiging.
  8. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    So you are not getting vote counts every time you vote?
  9. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Make a refund request and provide evidence to resolve this.
  10. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    This is not a bug, please use the support or refund section.
  11. redkronos - Rank Transfer

    Accounts are banned, make an unban appeal first.
  12. zJavierRH - Rank Transfer

    This is a rank transfer, we only transfer ranks - you're lucky we're being nice and transferring the mines too.
  13. zJavierRH - Rank Transfer

  14. zJavierRH - Rank Transfer

    Items are not transfered.
  15. zJavierRH - Rank Transfer

    @DeadMaster Transfer the mines, I've done the rank.