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  1. Skully

    Join date

    I don't think join date is saved? @DeadMaster
  2. Skully

    Pay ALL ONLINE players in Prison

    A very minor and unrequired feature, there really is no need for this. If you want to give out money then do a drop party, pay people individually, etc.
  3. Skully

    Christmas Sale

  4. Skully


    Ice_King_Blaze moderated for innapropriate language, consider this 'giveaway' closed since he won't be posting.
  5. Skully

    Why i cant connect to server?

    We were undergoing internal hardware upgrades, as a result the website, forums and all other domain services were experiencing some downtime. This was announced in our Discord server which I highly recommend you stay connected to in order to obtain the latest news and updates. You should be able to connect to the server once again.
  6. Skully

    New Italian channel

    Assuming resolved in that case, see my previous reply in regards to the addition of an Italian chat.
  7. Skully

    [Website] Bug Report

    Planned to be resolved, thanks for reporting.
  8. Skully

    New Italian channel

    I don't think we have enough of a Italian player base that would require the addition of support for a new language. Can you explain what's wrong with the Spanish chat?
  9. Skully

    Donator Rank Requests

  10. Skully

    Black Friday Sale

  11. Skully


    You shouldn't tag or PM owners for suggestions, they belong on the forums. Be patient and wait for this to be reviewed by @DeadMaster.
  12. Skully

    Forum Rules

    Due to a large number of recent offenses on the forums violating forum rules (specifically section 3.0, 3.1, 3.6) the following rules have been created to prevent further abuse and violation of the now documented rules and regulations. All current members of the forums registered prior to these rules being implemented will have their forum posts and reputation recounted to reflect this adjustment and all posts which violate any of the rules stated above will be removed.
  13. Skully

    Forum Rules

    OFFICIAL FORUM RULES SECTIONS 1 - Language 2 - General Misconduct 3 - Constructive Posts 4 - Advertising 5 - Impersonation 6 - Inappropriate Content 7 - Signatures 8 - Plagiarism 9 - Personal Information/Doxing As a member of the forums, you may receive a total of 10 warnings points before you are permanently banned and prevented access to the forum board. Violating a rule will not always warrant just one warning point, it is subject to change depending on the rule that has been broken and the number of warning points being issued are at the complete discretion of the forum administrator issuing the warnings points. Warnings points cannot be appealed and will not be removed once they are applied. They are listed and visible on your profile to forum administrators forever once they are issued as they do not expire. 1.0 - Language All language used on the forums, primarily in public forum sections, must be in the English language. 2.0 - General Misconduct Any spamming, trolling, posting meaningless messages, derailing or general disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. 3.0 - Constructive Posts Any and all posts made to topics, including the creation of threads/topics, must consist of constructive content which provides or creates a discussion, request, report or any other valid form of post. 3.1 - Any topic and/or post created that does not create constructive content will be deleted. 3.2 - Any topic and/or post created for the sole intention to violate a forum rule listed herein will be punished with a forum warning. 3.3 - Creating posts to 'bump' a topic, or otherwise increase its visibility by using a post to raise the topic to the topic of the forum category or section is forbidden. 3.4 - Consistently creating posts that outline the same message as previously displayed by the poster or another member of the forums is forbidden and classed as spamming. 3.5 - Punishments and forum warnings issued as a result of violating section 3.0 is subject to adjustment and may vary at the discretion of the forum administrator. 3.6 - Any posts or topics created which can be classed as "post farming" or created with the sole intent to increment the users post count and/or reputation will be deleted and warning points may be issued at the discretion of the forum administrator. 4.0 - Advertising No form of advertising may be conducted on the UltraNetwork forums. This includes any and all forms of advertising such as comments, links, images, etc. 4.1 - Advertising personal websites, social media profiles, social outlets or other personal off-site content is classified as advertising and is punishable under section 4.0. 5.0 - Impersonation Any attempts to impersonate a specific user, member of the community or a recognizable public figure is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. This includes creating forum accounts or posts detailing or attempting to portrait someone else. 5.1 - Impersonating a member of staff such as a Helper, Moderator or Owner is forbidden and will be punished with a permanent ban from the forums. 6.0 - Inappropriate Content All content displayed on the forums in the forum of topics, replies, images, videos or comments must be appropriate and must not include nudity, gore, sexual content or other forms of innapropriate content. 6.1 - Any form of vulgar language such as swearing or posting innapropriate content as defined above is forbidden and will be punished with a forum warning. In extreme cases, a permanent ban from the forums may be applicable if required. 7.0 - Signatures Forum signatures (as defined and edited in the Forum Signature) must not violate any of the given rules displayed herein and must abide by all sections and subsections listed. 7.1 - A maximum of one image may be displayed in a forum signature. 7.2 - The maximum size of an image in a forum signature is hereby defined as 900x150px. 7.3 - A maximum of three links may be displayed in a forum signature. 7.4 - A maximum number of four lines may be displayed in a forum signature. 7.5 - Signatures may not contain large or overly distracting content in which they may override original topics. 8.0 - Plagiarism Any and all content posted by members of the forum must be unique and written by the poster of the topic and/or comment. 8.1 - Any and all content created, posted or shared must be created by the poster unless the poster has obtained the according permission from the content creator to do so. 8.2 - 'Quoting' members within topics or forum sections is not subject to this rule so long it is not used in a manner to claim the quoted content or in a manner which can be described as plagiarism. 8.3 - Using information obtained from the forums anywhere offsite or anywhere undefined as property of UltraNetwork without obtaining consent from the content creator is strictly prohibited and may be subject to a permanent ban. 9.0 - Personal Information/Doxing Posting personal information about someone else without their explicit and according position is strictly prohibited and will result in a forum warning or other forums of punishments subject to the situation or post and/or topic created. 9.1 - Using information obtained from the forums for harmful or ill intent against a member of the community or another forum member will result in a permanent ban from the community. All forum rules displayed above are immediately in effect across the UltraNetwork Forums. The server rules may be changed, adjusted, edited or formatted in any way at any given time without prior notice. All players are expected to abide by the forum rules at all times - failure to do so will result in forum warnings. By registering and using the forums, you agree to follow and abide by our forum rules. It is your responsibility to know all of the forum rules at all times. Excuses such as "I didn't know it was a rule" will not be tolerated and you will be punished for violating any section or subsection of the rules above. © UltraNetwork 2018 Last updated on the 1st of November, 2018 Reason: Merged section 5 and 10.
  14. Skully

    Skyblock Server Reset

    SKYBLOCK SERVER RESET Due to popular vote in the recent poll that was published, the Skyblock server has been confirmed to reset on the 27th of October. The server will be offline for a few hours during the day to execute the reset. All purchased content through the web store such as keys and ranks will all be reissued accordingly, if you have a donator rank, you will have to login within a few days until the reset to automatically claim your rank on the reset (Only purchased ranks through our official store are refunded!) The downtime will also see the introduction of a few updates and changes, a topic on the forums will be posted to outline the adjustments made. If you have any questions regarding the reset, feel free to private message @DeadMaster. The prison server is not affected by this change in any way.
  15. Skully

    Halloween Sale