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  1. Skully

    [Player Report] Dannuyoo Reporting ConnorUK

    The screenshot isn't working, please resend it here or to me over Discord.
  2. Skully

    (Dannuyoo) Refund Request

    The image you attached doesn't appear to work, can you please resend the screenshot either here or to me over discord?
  3. Skully

    [Other] Bug Report

    This isn't a bug, this is a cracked server so changing your username gives you a new account. Change your username back to your old one if you would like to play on your old account again.
  4. Skully

    Discord problem (idk where do i start this topic)

    You are banned, invalid invite means you're banned. Make an appeal and I'll look into it.
  5. Skully

    Discord problem (idk where do i start this topic)

    That means you're banned, make a ban appeal on the forums for your Discord account.
  6. Skully

    Available Commands for Prison

    @Rayquander Fixed your formatting
  7. Skully

    [Forums] Bug Report

    Resolved, thanks for reporting!
  8. Skully

    Can i refund lapis rank into real money?

    As according to our purchase terms and agreements that you agreed on upon checkout, all payments are final and cannot be refunded.
  9. Skully


    What are your goals for 2019? 😎
  10. Damn bro feels like it's been longer than a year are you sure???????????????????
  11. I don't know the specific date as to when it first started though I know UltraNetwork goes as far back as March 2016, @DeadMaster originally had another server called AVG Network which later became UltraNetwork, if I remember correctly it was somewhere within the range of the 20-31st of March that year.
  12. Skully

    Prison and skyblock

    Do not tag owners in requests, they'll be reviewed whenever possible.
  13. Skully

    Join date

    I don't think join date is saved? @DeadMaster
  14. Skully

    Pay ALL ONLINE players in Prison

    A very minor and unrequired feature, there really is no need for this. If you want to give out money then do a drop party, pay people individually, etc.
  15. Skully

    Christmas Sale