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  1. Me knew too survur

    hey welcome enjoy your stay glad to have you on board
  2. Donator Rank Requests

    Done. Message me on Discord.

    Get in touch with me on Discord and I'll help you out.
  4. Add another server!

    The possibility of expanding into other servers is always open, though as of now we don't have any plans to proceed to any other gamemodes.
  5. Donator Rank Requests

    Done. PM me on Discord.
  6. Please add building comands to skyblocks

    Explain building commands.
  7. Buyable Unban

    This has never been a thing and will never be a thing.
  8. Donator Rank Requests

  9. What are Moderators able to do?

    They have access to all the moderation specific commands they'd need such as the /ban, /mute /warn and whatnot. The duty of a moderator/helper is specifically in-game and they assist with any questions or in-game reports of other players. They don't have the ability to switch gamemodes or handle internal server content such as restarting plugins or the server itself - that level of access is restricted to owners only.
  10. Hey guys!

    hey man welcome to the community you look very familiar, have we met before? :thinking:
  11. Keep Inventory is a good idea.

    Keep inventory would make PvP completely pointless, the whole point of it is to go in and obtain loot by killing other players. This is a horrible idea, denied.
  12. Donator Rank Requests