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  1. arvidghost

    Can i refund lapis rank into real money?

    " 18.1 - Any and all purchases made on the UltraNetwork store are non-refundable and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their purchase is correct and they are fully willing to proceed with the purchase prior to doing so." -Skully It means you can't refund something you bought
  2. I am offering 400 million , Elytra God Kit (Details below). Message me on Skyblock (when i'm online) or Private Message me on discord at ArvidGhost#8482 Elytra Helmet Savior 3 Implants 3 Glowing 1 Nursery 3 Elytra ChestPlate HellForged 2 Burnshield 2 Elytra Leggings HellForged 1 SandStorm 1 Elytra Boots Cyborg 1 Fortify 3 Enlightened 3 Valor 2 Springs 5 Elytra PvP Sword Wither 3 Execute 5 Paralyze 3 LifeSteal 4 LightWeight 3 Elytra EXP Sword SkillSwipe 4 Nutrition 2 Inquisitive 4 Elytra Pickaxe Experience 3 HellForged 3 Telepathy 1 Autosmelt 4 PvP Bow Unbreaking 3 Punch 2 Flame Infinity Pull 3 Ice Freeze 1 MultiArrow 4 Sniper 1 64 Golden Apples
  3. arvidghost

    UltraNetwork Store

    you don't have to add it really, just choose filipinos (its Philipino btw) and the currency will convert itself and offer you any store like payment method in your country. I myself am from Latvia and the default currency is set to USD even tho we use EUR.
  4. arvidghost

    [Skyblock] Island Favorites

    XD then write it on a piece of paper IRL and keep it lmao its not "2 much work 4 me" you aint getting a job IRL with that attitude and you gonna be a bum man xd
  5. arvidghost

    To Check if it broke the rules

    I can do the same thing, but i just made a skeleton from bones and a skull for display. (Named him DeadMaster lmao)
  6. arvidghost

    I just wanna ask the founding day of Ultra :P

    I've been here for almost a year since Jan 6 2018 (waiting for 2019 Jan 6 for full year), but still missed out on like 7 months oof.
  7. arvidghost


    xd just deal with the fact this will be denied jeez
  8. arvidghost

    I just wanna ask the founding day of Ultra :P

    I think i remember playing AVG-Network or the name sounds familiar to me, so idk Edit: You can find youtube videos on it.
  9. arvidghost


    Lmao the builds on this server (that the players built) could be used on future warps.
  10. arvidghost


    We don't have builders, we just tell some random person to build it (jk we got Memeo our builder or smth). I don't think this should be added, because players who want to express their creativity in building can do it on plots,but by removing them it would make them sad.
  11. arvidghost

    Skyblock ( Yes another one from me )

    The owner won't make this kind of economy + the highest balance was about 100 bil before reset. (I think that DeadMaster wouldn't like the economy to be "inflated" and to prevent that he removed custom drops which were Really Overpowered if you had the free time of grinding them.) Also this kind of suggestion will probably be Denied,because someone has already suggested this kind of plugin
  12. arvidghost

    Prison and skyblock

    i smell P2W
  13. arvidghost

    Prison and skyblock

    Welp it's up to Dead to add new crates or not.
  14. arvidghost

    [Prison] Idea for gems