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  1. arvidghost


    ^^ but they can add a sign for bows that you can buy with money, i've seen it on couple other servers.
  2. arvidghost

    Skyblock suggestions

    1. That's a good idea, because we just have raw pork sellable + makes the other passive mobs for new players a bit more useful other than food. 2 and 3 are the same from the custom hoppers who were removed, because they had some things not work properly and it was slower than the regular hoppers we got right now. 4. I think that's bit dumb, because we got a custom crafting table to make items from 1-64 at a time and for automated salvaging,only like 1% people salvage stuff who do it daily except people who level up mcmmo skills, but i still think it won't be added. 5. We have world edit and it can set 10k blocks in .*something* seconds + we had fastplace which could place blocks of 1x1 walls 1-8 (i think) blocks high.
  3. arvidghost

    [Prison] Token Enchants Limit

    I don't think this should be added, because people who want XP just go to X mine to get XP, who don't realize that having no explosive enchantment, but just a regular pickaxe (600 pickaxe,700 pickaxe, 500 pickaxe, etc.) you can get more XP by just having a regular pickaxe with high fortune. Also Dead added a token enchantment which gives you exp in %.
  4. arvidghost

    Apparently I'm a dog

    life is dead
  5. arvidghost

    Mine reset warning is spamming the chat

    well you can open discord and look at #prison-chat and clear the chat when it spams the message + don't mine when the reset happens obviously. The messages don't bother me
  6. arvidghost

    Mine reset warning is spamming the chat

    do f3 + d at the same time to clear your chat
  7. arvidghost

    Pay ALL ONLINE players in Prison

    Kinda of a good feature, i guess? welp that's how i think about it.
  8. arvidghost

    Buyable vouchers in MoneyCommands warp

    no, it would make mine crates useless and people already sell vouchers on AH or offer in chat smh
  9. arvidghost

    hehe wrong send lole

    no comment.
  10. arvidghost

    Skyblock Suggestion Please Accept it

    He won't because he is decreasing by time so it's not too overpowered and is balanced and gives the players a grinding feel not just AFK all the time.
  11. arvidghost

    An Idea.

    nina the third one is for Skyblock too
  12. arvidghost

    An Idea.

    1st idea: How about we add a feature to telepathy (CE book and make it work for all blocks) where we can enable/disable it like /autosell in prison and when the inventory is full the items drop down (when telepathy is on). 2nd idea: add a feature called /autoblock (can be toggled on/off) where it turns materials into blocks Like iron,gold,lapis,redstone etc. (people who are lazy do to /condense or /block can use this). 3rd idea: If a spanish person tries to talk in their native language in general chat they get a warning message saying in spanish that they need to do /spanish *cough* dead *cough* (also it needs a fix Xd).
  13. Damn OCT 21, 2017 older person on UN :D

    1. BananaSlicer


      Lol, I wish 

    2. arvidghost


      i joined on Jan 3rd lol 2018

    3. BananaSlicer
  14. arvidghost

    ImEleonora scammer with multiple account

    Can you please provide screenshots or any other evidence (Text won't work because it can be made up, Alt accounts can be checked just ask any moderator). Use this link to report players instead:
  15. arvidghost

    New /tokens enchant in prison

    "Ultra could make it so you can't have it with exca or explo or something majorly destructive it would be great!" That's really stupid....if it were to be added lets say 10% activation and you cant put it with the other's basically useless and not efficient like explosive or excavation smh.