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  1. Sam_Playz_MC


    I really kinda like the normal hoppers. A little server tweaking to fix their performance, and maybe a little bit of moding to increase the speed a tad, and they'd be fine in my opinion.
  2. Sam_Playz_MC

    Allow us to use worldedit

    -1 With the existence as well as compatibility of the Schematica Mod, There's no point of this, seeing how last I played (When I was more active) World Edit was only needed on Skyblock, and I personally see it that way.
  3. Sam_Playz_MC

    Buying Gold rank

    It started out as helping, though I must admit that this should have been discussed via PM's...
  4. Sam_Playz_MC

    Buying Gold rank

  5. Sam_Playz_MC

    Buying Gold rank

    I cannot seem to find the thread, I think it may have been archived, but the ranks go about like this from where you are, 200: Addicted member 300: Ultra Network Expert 500: Ultra Network God
  6. Sam_Playz_MC

    Buying Gold rank

    Lost somewhere in Off-Topic or Minecraft discussion, I will look for it though.
  7. Sam_Playz_MC

    Buying Gold rank

    IK it is i can tell i read skully post about it on StarWarsFan's thread.
  8. Sam_Playz_MC

    Buying Gold rank

    Stop getting more posts then me boiiiii
  9. Sam_Playz_MC

    Buying Gold rank

    I am not sure this would trade for a gold rank. However, this is a solid trade for coal rank!
  10. Sam_Playz_MC


    Welcome! Hope to see you in-game and that you enjoy your experience here!
  11. Public Message. Gratz on staff.

    1. TrigonVII


      Thank you Sam!

  12. Sam_Playz_MC


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your Ultra Experience! (Sorry I know it sounds a bit cringy lol)
  13. Sam_Playz_MC

    Prison Server - Reset