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  1. hello im theendishere

    same here, and hello.
  2. PLAYER REPORT Your Account Name: Wiktionary Player(s) Being Reported: hoangprolk147asd & NamCrip & anhbivip When did the incident occur?: 07/22/2018 Reason for Report: I entered UltraNetwork and someone started accusing some other players of hacking and I thought maybe I'd go into pvp to check them out and they were indeed hacking. Evidence: NamCrip and anhbivip has some incredible reach as well as possible aim assist. hoangprolk147asd starts thrusting towards me once I drop down in pvp. Additional Evidence but slightly more blatant: Since NamCrip was behind me.
  3. Schematica Printer

    Update from my side: I guess it is from now on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Sport

    I hug my cat quite often and pet it. It requires a lot of stamina.
  5. Trading stuff for a rankupgrade

    You can add additional ranks, and the Moderator rank doesn't have any specific benefits except for all the staff commands such as /ban and etc.
  6. Applying for Staff at UltraNetwork

    Now just wait for the response.
  7. Applying for Staff at UltraNetwork

    https://forums.ultranetwork.me/index.php?app=form&module=forms&controller=index&do=viewform&id=1 Fill out the forms, you have to meet the requirements.
  8. Introduction


    Actually, at first I banned the wrong guy. So my fault. Has been corrected.
  10. ChestShop

    /iteminfo or /iinfo to show the ID of the item / block. B = Buy, S = Sell. Be aware that S means that the player wants to SELL the item to you. And B means that the player wants to BUY the item from you. If you want to sell / buy an item for a higher price, then here are some shortcuts. 1E9 = 1B. Since 1B has 1 and then 9 zeroes in it, it then has the shortcut E9 to just show you how many zeroes there are behind the first number. 1E10 = 10B. 1E11 = 100B. 1E12 = 1T. 1E13 = 10T. 1E14 = 100T. 1E15 = 1Q. Click Here to see a list of all shortcuts. You also have to put the item inside the chest if you want them to BUY it. Emerald#w is Gems or the ID - 388#w. Ask me about anything UltraNetwork related in Discord - Kriss#6240