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  1. Star_WarsFan

    Credits at Skyblock

    Eh this is a good idea but i do not know if the owners can change this
  2. Star_WarsFan

    Upgrading the Shop (skyblock)

    We already have clay and terracotta go to /shop and check out the 1.9 section clay is the colored blocks section
  3. Star_WarsFan

    New Prison Prestige Perks

    Yeah I agree with this idea but can you add suggestions on what they should add
  4. Star_WarsFan

    Combining Sell Wands

    Well I've seen this feature on another skyblock servers so I thought why not allow UN players in Skyblock to combine their sell sticks so It would be easier for them to use them in the game. Thanks for reading this
  5. Star_WarsFan

    Music in all gamemodes

    Yeah I agree we tried this before and Dead didn't see it so I hope he can see it now and possibly add this feature
  6. Star_WarsFan

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Star_WarsFan What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Vote rewards from /vote state that when you vote once you receive 5 mcmmo credits yet so far I have not received any from voting currently
  7. Star_WarsFan

    Available Commands for Prison

    Well that would be useful but you easily check the servers by doing /skyblock or /prison
  8. Star_WarsFan

    Discord Rank

    You can also link your minecraft account to your discord account giving you a new tag in Prisons
  9. Star_WarsFan

    [Skyblock] Island Favorites

    Or maybe u can place a sign on your island or rename an item with the Island owner's name
  10. Star_WarsFan

    Buying Rank-Up to Gold for 5Q

    Its not 1.9+ since it doesn't have a space for offhand so I can assume it is probably 1.8.9 since it is the most popular version
  11. Star_WarsFan

    Elytra Pmine Perm Add

    Ill pay 2Q for perm add in an elytra pmine just msg me on forums or if you see me online
  12. Star_WarsFan

    Prison suggestions :P

    1. Prob will not be eliminated its a way to increase the efficiency and unbreaking on your pick 2.They might add a new currency but will likely not add in that new enchant since we already have linear which excavates from 15x15x1 i think 3. yeah will prob do this since less lag for everyone means happy players 4.Will probably not throwaway the rewards since you can also sell tokens and gems i believe the current price is 1k for 500b for tokens and 1k for 250b for gems
  13. Star_WarsFan

    [SKYBLOCK] To add something again

    This is a nice idea which could be a solution to our problems regarding the cobble gen +1
  14. Star_WarsFan

    My Minigame (on my 2nd plot)

    Well if you want Jakov I could add some money as prizes if you want maybe like 10T is minimum and max is 50T?
  15. Star_WarsFan

    A Prison enchantment suggestion

    Prob not since we can use /prisonmine reset and also mines usually reset after most of it is destroyed