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  1. Star_WarsFan


    Its not a good suggestion because its too op because bows can be salvaged for string and basically free money.
  2. Star_WarsFan

    suggestion for pvp at skyblock (useable for prison)

    It'll be difficult since its basically duels and I don't think it will be added cause of how difficult it would be. Also please add some more details.
  3. Star_WarsFan

    hehe wrong send lole

    Nice welcome athenalain lol arvid
  4. Star_WarsFan

    Skyblock suggestion

    We can do /skull if your donater the main problem here is obtaining player heads.
  5. Star_WarsFan

    New /tokens enchant in prison

    Probably will not be added since it be very op if you can just delete a quarter of a mine. Along with the fact exca and explosion basically do the same thing except on a smaller scale.
  6. Star_WarsFan

    An Idea.

    Yeah the suggestions are pretty good. Since many ppl speak spanish in main chat in prisons and sometimes mods or helpers arent present to fix this.
  7. Star_WarsFan

    Suggestion Auto / Selling Sign - Skyblock

    Autosell sign is to laggy it was removed by dead we have sell sticks btw lol
  8. Star_WarsFan

    14 days left, halfway there

    Some ces like gears and ninja are gone in skyblock and all speed related ces dont work
  9. Star_WarsFan

    Suggestion (Prison)

    Nope, cause one it would ruin the token trade system and second didn't dead reject something like this before?
  10. Star_WarsFan

    [Prison] Mine Resetting Improved [WIP]

    Dead should probably increase the amount of resets a mine can have after only 10 percent of the mine is left. And also most times when ppl ask for resets and I see the mine it seems like it is just filled with holes and is still mainly full.
  11. Star_WarsFan

    Dyes unable to buy?

    Place it in suggestions
  12. Star_WarsFan

    Dyes unable to buy?

    Its a glitch where people can steal the items from the shop and its not a real problem since you can just click in the empty spot and it will still work.
  13. Star_WarsFan


    Please elaborate on this and i believe when you mean sync the hoppers do this already.
  14. Star_WarsFan

    Suggestion about the cobble generator access

    We need to fix this since the gens are dead with out this update and all income will basically crash.
  15. Star_WarsFan

    Boss Battles or dungeons?

    Yeah seems like a good idea but i'm pretty sure dead rejected the past one but i hope he will change his mind on this.