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  1. IIMiniQueenII

    A update for SB

    Hello ppls i have not been on for a long time but eh that dosn't matter welp here is my sugestion 1St. upgradeable spawners: Ig spawner: lvl 1 : drops iron blocks lvl 2 : drops gold blocks lvl 3 : drops diamond blocks lvl 4 : drops emerald blocks but the blocks won't give island levels or will give minimal the way to get island levels would be with beacons/dragon eggs/sponges 2nd Tokens: there could be tokens that could be used to buy beacons/dragons eggs/sponges/keys/sell wands alose you would get tokens via killing mobs or mining or from crates also a token generator wich will generate tokens over time : tier 1: generates 1 token every 30min (if gen is at lvl 1) tier 2: generates 2 tokens every ...min max gen lvl could be 40 or 30 you can upgrade the generator so it would be faster max gens per island would be alloved 2-4 token generators alsoe could add other items in the token shop like: sell wands: would cost 500 tokens (x100 wand) beacons: 100 tokens (gives 500 island xp or smth like that) dragon eggs: 50 tokens (gives 250 island xp or smth like that) sponge: 300 tokens (gives 1k island xp or smth like that) legendary key: 200 tokens (or smth like that) spawner key: 500 tokens (or smth like that) rare key: 50 tokens welp i hope you like it ;v -Dead player aka Mini
  2. IIMiniQueenII

    Multiple sign warps (skyblock)

    Won't it be cool if Mr.Dead would add multiple sign warps on skyblock like prison has multiple plot warps. This would help some people if they have profit shops ect. in different spots of his/her island (i dunno what else to type so this is the only thing i can type here) i hope this get's added and yeh
  3. ign: IIMiniQueenII discord: HowToDraw?#7458 rankupgrade to bedrock costs 21.29 USD Willing to pay 8 B (skyblock) for rankupgrade to bedrock