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  1. DeadMaster

    [Other] Bug Report

    What is your siblings username
  2. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    just a minor message, will fix thanks
  3. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Efficiency V is max by default (vanilla) in upgrading by an anvil
  4. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    If it works for everyone else, it'll work for you.
  5. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

  6. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    please create a player report, not a bug report
  7. DeadMaster

    What is the shop id for Light Blue Glazed terracotta

    You can find the ID of certain items in-game using /iteminfo <block_name/block_id> ID for Blue Glazed Terracotta = 246 (minecraft:blue_glazed_terracotta) ID for Gray Glazed Terracotta = 242 (minecraft:gray_glazed_terracotta) IDs obtained from:
  8. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    fixed, thanks
  9. DeadMaster

    Upgrading the Shop (skyblock)

    some of these blocks to be added
  10. DeadMaster

    Credits at Skyblock

    to be added
  11. DeadMaster

    New Prison Prestige Perks

    to be added - Every 10 prestiges a reward will be given to a player
  12. DeadMaster

    Combining Sell Wands

    to be added
  13. DeadMaster

    Music in all gamemodes

    to be added
  14. DeadMaster

    Skyblock Cobble gen Suggestions (Part 2)

    Quartz related blocks will be added to /shop & 'nether' generator upgrade section will be implemented in a future update, thanks for the suggestion
  15. DeadMaster

    Skyblock Suggestion