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  1. [Prison/Skyblock] ChestShop

    ChestShop General Information ChestShop allows you to make physical shops, to sell items to other players or even purchase items from other players. Remember - scamming is not allowed! How do I create a ChestShop? You can create a chest shop by simply getting a sign & a chest (buying it from /shop or crafting it), and you want to put the chest down on a block & the sign on the chest and write in the sign: First line your username, second line how much of the item you want to sell/buy, third line S/B and the price (e.g. S 300), and the final line the block name or ID which can be obtained using /iteminfo. (image on how to create it if you are still unsure) What does the "1E9" stand for on signs? This means "1 billion" the "E" is replaced with 9 zeros (If e5 then 5 zeros, if e12 then 10 zeros) you can put "E10" for example, for 10 zeros, E11 for 11 zeros etc. Open the spoiler to view the list that you acn use in ChestShop What commands can you use for ChestShop? /cstoggle - Toggle notifications from when a player sells an item to your chestshop. /iteminfo (alias: /iinfo) - Get an item ID or name. How do I get an ID of an item? (or "how do I sell my key in chestshop?") You first get the ID of the item by using the command /iinfo or /iteminfo this will show you the material name + ID you can use either of them, after you have gotten the ID/material name you want to write it in the last line in the sign as "ID#format" (e.g. ID 137#4j Material TRIPWIRE_HOOK)
  2. Rank Keys

    Once again only logical reply was from arvid
  3. play time rewards

    To be added, only person that actually replied with a brain was kayou and arvid
  4. Expanding the coal mine.

  5. Dupe Voucher

    Still probably be so easy to exploit with
  6. Kits per rank in Prisons

    /kit coal /kit iron /kit gold /kit lapis /kit redstone /kit emerald /kit bedrock /kit void /kit ender /kit elytra
  7. Make gems Useful in prison

    Gems were updated, and now will continue to be updated
  8. Bosses

  9. Gkits in skyblock

    To be added
  10. [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    It's fixed
  11. [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Fixed, thanks
  12. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Doesn't matter anymore since /rps was removed
  13. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Gears is disabled.
  14. [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    This is not a bug, this an issue with the version you're playing on, try go on 1.12.2 then F3 + A (windows) on the chunk and it should be fixed
  15. Skyblock

    Will add, thanks