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  1. DeadMaster

    [Prison] Token Enchants Limit

    So, you don't want it to be added but you give reasons why it should be lol & experience enchant is broken ;l To be added
  2. DeadMaster

    Custom Books Upgrade.

    Currently not possible as I didn't code the custom enchants plugin (might make a fork of it soon?)
  3. DeadMaster

    Repairing stuff .

    Repair sign price will be decreased in the next update (or sometime randomly) thanks for the suggestion!
  4. DeadMaster

    Skyblock suggestions please accept

  5. DeadMaster

    An Idea.

    You put on a ce you have what the ce does, don't have the ce on your pickaxe it won't work - that's how an enchant works Use custom F bind This was removed for reasons, and will be added back in the future - read previous #announcements (discord)
  6. DeadMaster

    New /tokens enchant in prison

    What @Star_WarsFan said & because not planning on adding new enchants anytime soon
  7. DeadMaster

    Allow us to use worldedit

    WorldEdit is being removed from skyblock soon, when it does come back and done being fixed with its bugs discovered and new commands added - I'll be adding it to prison too (don't quote me on that one though)
  8. DeadMaster

    SkyBlock Suggestion!

  9. DeadMaster

    Custom Islands [Skyblock]

    More islands will be added in the future
  10. DeadMaster

    [Global] AFK Status

  11. DeadMaster


    This is already being in the works/already suggested
  12. DeadMaster

    Skyblock suggestion

    This will be added
  13. DeadMaster

    Skyblock suggestion

    The prices of materials are there for a reason, and will only be changed for a good reason - new spawners won't added too the shop anytime soon ^
  14. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock] Add Some Blocks in /shop

    Added already by now
  15. DeadMaster

    Mine reset warning is spamming the chat

    lol both F3 + D and changing chat opacity is both a stupid way to resolve this 'bother me' you want to know why this suggestion was created? Because it was bothering him, not you To be changed/added soon