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  1. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Refunded, probably a bug with the server requiring to reboot - will try push out an update today or tomorrow resolving bugs on prison
  2. DeadMaster

    Help Me Bug Halp

    use that'll most likely work
  3. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    you got scammed then dm me on discord
  4. DeadMaster

    Need some schematics.

    and prison
  5. DeadMaster

    Bosses Skyblock / Prison

    big boi jarvis v99 coming soon No for prison, maybe after a few days/weeks after the skyblock reset so we can see how stuff works out
  6. DeadMaster

    [PRISON] Increase the chance of BetterSellV2

    it's now 30%
  7. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

  8. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

  9. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

  10. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Too many entities

    Fixed, thanks
  11. DeadMaster

    Voting Rewards

    Voting system is getting an overhaul already - changes will apply to both skyblock & prison
  12. DeadMaster

    SkyBlock Reset WHEN!?!?!?!?!

    1. Reset is not confirmed 2. If it does get confirmed it'll be announced a week in advance before the reset in #announcements 3. If I was to guess it'll take a month or two
  13. DeadMaster

    Upgrade Mobs Drop

  14. DeadMaster

    Skyblock Economy Fix.

    From this suggestion, it's most likely you play prison way more, there is something coming soon in the discord be ready to read it
  15. DeadMaster

    Buy Tokens (Prison)