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  1. [Other] Bug Report

    We don't own dynobot, but they announced on there discord that their bot is currently experiencing some issues "we will have it fixed soon" - Creator of Dyno
  2. Help Me with Buycraft pls

    try now
  3. money from voting

  4. Donator Swords And Bows Bundle

    What would you say about this?
  5. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Hey, I have moved some mines over to /mine reset as it works better and smoother! Immortal mine was including during the transfer.
  6. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    It's your ping or the client version your using.
  7. Plz check my Staff application :D

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    2. VzeeRuS
    3. finntheg


      Dude Dont Ask Owners Or Any Staff In The Server to Reply on your staff Application Because It can Be Denied or not be accepted cause They only read it on weekends..


    4. Kayou


      Do not ask staff to review your application.

      Asking staff to review your application sooner will cause in an instant deny,or a delayed response. The owners only read applications over the weekends.



  8. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    I said "Where is your actual proof" not for your items this is the bug report section if you want your items please make a refund request.
  9. [Prison Server] Bug Report

  10. Unable to rankup

  11. Unable to rankup

  12. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    where's like your actual proof
  13. Minecrates Mechanics Changes

    I did this all like 2 days ago, except your "%" thingy is not really accurate like why would reach rank have the same % that makes no sense..
  14. Scoreboards.

    @MieCraftIndo you can't be this dumb