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  1. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Already a known bug, /votetop is frozen and stuck too it as how it as and will be taken in for monthly top rewards.
  2. Nukes

    We'll see what we can do!
  3. Some Suggestion

    We'll see what we can do!a
  4. VoteMines, PickaxeCrate (Vote rewards more op)

    We'll see what we can do!
  5. Add Coins,Coins Crate

    We'll see what we can do!a
  6. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    No information provided, closed.
  7. [Prison Server] Bug Report

  8. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Double post.
  9. i droping my 700 pickaxe and pickaxe clear pls help me :(

    1. BananaSlicer

      BananaSlicer Make sure you use the Refund Request and provide evidence of your pickaxe. 

    2. Skully


      Read the refund requests policy.

      We don't refund items lost at the fault of the player.

  10. [Prison Server] Bug Report

    What does it say when you try to talk? /invsee <playerName> allows you to view another player's inventory.
  11. [Prison Server] Bug Report


    I already sent you a private message for the reason of my console ban by discord

  13. What should I do