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    Can you play UltraNetwork on mobile

    answer to the title: no you cannot play ultranetwork on a mobile/bedrock edition
  2. DeadMaster

    Skyblock gg

    Transfer speed obviously won't be changed, that'll make the server lag more, why would there be autosell for hoppers? AutoSell signs will not return, maybe sell signs will be added again though + autosell for hoppers will have the very talented players dropping their sellwand then end up having it sold and then say "the server was lagging" Tier hoppers increasing the chunk size is not the best idea, it will cause players with multiple grinders near the same area to have issues, along with the server having to check if a hopper is in X distance in between chunks per drop would =probably cause performance issues Crop hoppers are currently being improved gradually, during the next few weeks there'll be new hoppers
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    hello & welcome
  4. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    The key is most likely fake, you can /trash the key
  5. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Why would you even want to use an anvil to rename your key in the first place anyway? What? This was purposely left in the game "&" is not what you use to colour codes on anvils - this bug can be fixed by anyone with10 lines of code lol
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    [Prison Server] Bug Report

  7. DeadMaster

    [Forums] Bug Report

  8. DeadMaster

    [SKYBLOCK] To add something again

    This is currently not possible though, near in the future this will be.
  9. DeadMaster


    1. There is no reset 2. What? Why would plots be removed? 3. A 10x10 area for people to build? Oh wait, I got an idea lets to make it so you can upgrade the size to 42x42 oh snap that's the plot size! (Means cells are useless, making them useful is basically re-creating plots but with upgrades.)
  10. DeadMaster

    all in pvp

    thank you for the very detailed suggestion, why can't every suggestion just be like this?
  11. DeadMaster

    UltraNetwork Store

    Okay the first step - fill in the boxes Click 'Purchase' after done 'Show more methods' Search up Philippines at the top right Then select the payment method you want, bam
  12. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock] Island Favorites

  13. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    What? Just switch slots from your pickaxe to another
  14. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    That is because the message is incorrect, read /mining it shows all the actual rewards for each milestone.
  15. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Book & Quill will return in the next update
  16. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    That is because slice 1 is max
  17. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

  18. DeadMaster

    Buying Rank-Up to Gold for 5Q

    Okay, but what?????????????? 1. This has nothing to do with this thread 2. Why does it matter? 3. Look top left it displays it there (of the image)
  19. DeadMaster


    Offline voting is currently only supported in skyblock will add to prison too (eventually)
  20. DeadMaster

    Prison suggestions :P

    Simple, just don't use gems Another currency that replicates what tokens does but with a different command? sure What about, don't spend the whole day for an Ultra key and do something else...?
  21. DeadMaster

    Prison Suggestion

  22. DeadMaster

    Prison + Skyblock

    just use /ignore, bam - or just use a mod that blacklists certain text displayed in the chat
  23. DeadMaster

    Skyblock, Prison Ideas

    New currency already here: CREDITS Yeah that ain't happening would be too buggy already being added Maybe that'll be added one day /warp parkour New warps is not needed, new minigames are also not needed, prestige perks will be added, unlock cosmetics using gems is a good idea - to be added Gamemodes: I'm currently not able to make a new gamemode but maybe one day I'll make a new gamemode
  24. DeadMaster

    Skyblock ( Yes another one from me )

    cool suggestion i guess
  25. DeadMaster

    Idea For "Events"

    If its like Christmas, Halloween or easter there will be an event