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    [Forums] Bug Report

    This is a bug reports section
  2. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    It didn't disappear, you received money as your reward (the message did not send to you)
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    [Prison Server] Bug Report

  4. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Haz que un jugador informe
  5. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Probably fell in the void, other players are able to break spawners successfully so wouldn't see why you wouldn't be able to
  6. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    This will randomly happen to prevent lag, usually fixed within 10 minutes (depending on what occurs)
  7. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Not really a bug, it's meant to be like that as bonemeal is an ink sack
  8. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Unable to replicate, if this was the case several other users would have had the same problem - would assume this bug is invalid or somehow fixed
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    [Prison Server] Bug Report

  10. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    fixed thanks
  11. PRISON RESET - FEBRUARY 2019 Please ensure you read the full topic prior to asking any questions. Hi there! First and foremost, this reset may result in a few possible bugs being created, if you discover any then we ask you to report them here, if you have any questions for the time being regarding the reset you can ask for support in the discord server. Additions Rank Changes Most rank up prices have been decreased, some have been increased. We will keep a close eye on this change and adjust the rank up prices as required to maintain balance. The following ranks have been removed - Includes additional ranks ("-I", "-II", "-III" etc.) Sergeant Rogue DrugDealer was renamed too "Commander". A Ranks GUI has been implemented. You can now view all ranks via /ranks. You will be able to warp to the ranks mine if you have permission. You are able to view the exact cost you need to get to the final rank (Angel). You can see the correct rankup cost and the next rank. You can see what ranks you do not have unlocked. Ranking up no longer gives tokens. "Not enough money" message has been modified to display a lower sized message. Crate Changes Most crates have been nerfed to match the new economy. Bulk key changes: When attempting to use bulk keys on a crate that opens a GUI you will now be given an option in chat to disable bulk keys for 20 seconds. Token Changes Changed the description for all the enchants in the GUI. Sphered enchant will now work correctly. This enchant will now have an increased explosion radius. Excavation enchant now costs 100,000 tokens. Enchants can no longer be used in lower mines. (Mines A-Z) Reduced the number of tokens received with LuckyMining. Fortune enchant can no longer be upgraded with tokens. The menu will now display your tokens in the title of the GUI. ItemShop changes: No longer sells command keys. Prices for keys have been increased. Removed multipliers above 0.1. Kit Changes The following pickaxes are no longer available: 700 Pickaxe 675 Pickaxe 650 Pickaxe 600 Pickaxe 575 Pickaxe 550 Pickaxe Bundle kit changes: Platinum pickaxe is now a 500 pickaxe. Titanium pickaxe is now a 400 pickaxe. Bronze pickaxe is now a 300 pickaxe. All donator rank kits have nerfed. Kit cooldowns have been significantly adjusted. Platinum kit delay is now one month. (Was already displayed as 1 month in the store, but was less in-game.) Custom Enchant Changes The following enchants are no longer obtainable: Hulk Haste Cyborg AutoSmelt AntiGravity HellForged now has a maximum level of 1. Now only found in rare and legendary crates. Springs now has a maximum level of 2. Now only found in rare and legendary crates. FastTurn can now only be found in rare and legendary crates. DoubleDamage now has a maximum level of 1. Ninja can now only found in rare and legendary crates. GKitz has been removed temporarily. (It will be implemented again at a later date.) MoneyCommand Changes /enderchest now costs 3T. /autosell now costs 5T. /heal now costs 1.25T. /afk now costs 1T. /rename (With colour) now costs 3T. MoneyCommands no longer is a warp, it can now be found in the GUI with /moneycommands The following commands are no longer purchasable: Feed Craft Recipe Rename without colour Nickname with colour Nickname with bold Preferences Changes (/prefs) You can now opt out from allowing other players from seeing your name on join/leave. Note: Staff members will still be able to see you logging in and out. New preference: "Disallow new players" this prevents players with 1 hour and less to not be able to private message you. LuckyMining preference will now work correctly. Toggling preferences on and off is now more efficient. Prestige Changes A prestige GUI has been added. (/prestiges) There are now unlimited prestiges. You will receive a prestige key every 3 prestiges. (This may be adjusted at a later date.) You will receive a random reward every 10 prestiges. Rewards are similar to voteparty & minecrates, except they will give significantly more valuable rewards. Mine & Sell Prices Changes Mines will no longer have just quartz blocks inside them. Higher ranked (default) mines now have Terracotta blocks. For versions without this Terracotta blocks added, Clay Blocks are displayed instead. Sell prices for all ranks have been decreased. You can now view mine sell prices via /items [Mine Name] (Works with plot mines.) Doing /items without any arguments will get the sell prices for what mine you're standing in. Diamond rank sell prices are now the same as Angel. Sell prices for each rank will be continuously adjusted over the coming weeks in order to maintain a balanced economy. Ticket Changes Command usage should now work more efficiently. Offline ticket system has been added: You can now make tickets and go offline and once you get a response you will be notified upon your next join. General Changes New welcome command: /wc - says "Welcome {playerName}!" to the latest player who has joined. New mine voting reset command: /votereset - allows you to vote to reset mines. Once you do /votereset [Mine Name] it will broadcast a message to all players with your rank online allowing them to know you started a vote. Voting to reset a mine requires for each online player to vote. If a player is afk they will not be counted. If < 15 players are online it will automatically reset the mine. This does not work for plot mines. Quests have been adjusted to work similar to Skyblocks. (/quests) New baltop command! (This change was also applied to Skyblock!) The server will no longer do large checks for every players balance. Server will no longer freeze when command is used for the first time after a reboot. You can now hover over a player's balance to view their unformatted balance. You can change through different pages of the baltop with /bt 1/2/3/etc. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist! For all players who have purchased content from the store, PM an owner on Discord and we'll refund you anything that you are not automatically issued when you rejoin. Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update!
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    [Idea] Customizable cobble generator

    It's a great idea though, would be very easily exploited. More generators are being worked on and will be added in the future
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    [Other] Bug Report

  14. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    ^ Tags will not be displayed in the new chatformat though
  15. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    fixed after reset
  16. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    There's currently no way to choose how fast your hopper transfers item, though do plan on adding it in the future.
  17. DeadMaster

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Disabling it disables the pref, the point of the pref is to disable chat messages, enabling the pref will toggle it on (which will prevent you from receiving luckymining messages in the chat) tl;dr: left click the item in the GUI
  18. DeadMaster

    Kit Keys (OP Prison)

    no, too overpowered
  19. DeadMaster

    A cool new minigame <3

    Not required though, you can make it yourself > get 4 plots > /p merge all > /p add * (or /p trust *) > /p flag set pvp true Achievement get! Create a minigame
  20. DeadMaster

    Prison Suggestions

    no longer required due to the reset I'd assume
  21. DeadMaster


    If you're asking to use mobile payment method, there already is one
  22. DeadMaster

    To Ultra's Team

    protip; we don't care what you do on facebook - you can do whatever you wish to do
  23. DeadMaster

    OP SB discussion. [my opinions]

    It was decreased for a reason, too overpowered - though, do have plans on changing the spawn rate of pig, blaze & iron golem spawners Thanks for the suggestion
  24. DeadMaster

    SkyBlock!!! :>

    Already previously added
  25. DeadMaster

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    cannot reproduce, if you can provide a way to replicate/proof over discord it would be great