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  1. You Doing Irl Trade's/RankUpgrades Ender>Elytra(33.99$)[15% OFF] For 40Q /msg me if you do OR Dm me on Discord TuRN#5349 But if you dont want that deal do this Platinum Bundle(83.29)[15% OFF] For 50Q the Void and Iron Voucher's, one 700pick, 2ultra,2token,1ultrav2,1Full /pv of Legendary Keys and 2M Tokens.... I hope you do Trade's... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ;>
  2. TuRN2NDNRuT

    Ender>Elytra RankUpgrade

    You Doing Irl Trade's/RankUpgrades Ender>Elytra(39.99$) For 40Q /msg me if you do OR Dm me on Discord TuRN#5349 P.s I can make my offer higher if you want just dm on discord to talk about the deal make you sure you do ;>
  3. Hey Im looking for someone who do Irl trade's maybe that's you here are my offers 17Q For Bedrock to Void Or Elytra For 60Q. If you Do please Contact me in Discord TuRN#5349 or in Prison or Sb. I can raise my Offers if this offers is not enough for you just dm to make deals.
  4. You Do Irl Trades For Bedrock to Void for 16Q Or Elytra for 55Q Dm me on Discord TuRN#5349 or Msg me on SB or Prison when im Online ty
  5. Bro You do IRL trade BEdrock to BOID(Void) For 15Q InPRISON /msg me at PRISON or SB or much better in Discord TuRN#5349
  6. Eyy you if you reading this help me to get bedrock Rank. Are you doing IRL Trades or Ru's Please do mine Emerald to Bedrock (21.29$) for 9Q in prison if your doing it please msg me on discord TuRN#5349 or just msg me on prison or in sb or here but its much better on discord
  7. My Offers: 4Q And 262k tokens For Diamond Rank (12.74$) Pm me on Prison or Sb if I'm online Or pm me on Discord TuRN2NDNRuT#5349