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  1. yihern

    [Idea] Forums section

    Alternatively, you could just post them in the General Discussion section or the Off Topic section
  2. yihern

    Different accounts & Exchanging items

    You just need to message any of the owners on discord for an account transfer. I believe you should be able to transfer your items and money, but I'm not too sure if your stats can be transferred.
  3. yihern

    Dholki's Introduction Thread

    Welcome :DD If you ever need help you can ask always ask us :P.
  4. yihern

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    best part^^^ Lep, i would suggest that you lock your island for the time being until it is certain that the bug is fixed. Alternatively, you could just change your warp sign location to the overworld temporarily.
  5. yihern

    Intro :-/

    Hello xkingz
  6. yihern

    paying 50 mil and more for coal rank (skyblock)

    I think that is way too low though, however, an easy way to make the offer seem more attractive would be to make your own gset! Gsets can fetch quite a high price and it is really quite simple to make one
  7. yihern

    Me knew too survur

    wowow you joost start pleying n u r moderatur
  8. yihern

    Donator Rank Requests

    me tooo Lapis in prison