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  1. theendishere

    Prison Addons

    Go to the suggestions topic in the forums.Also i think this was already added
  2. theendishere

    // (aka worldedit) for donors

    I mean a new perk for every rank could be good (not /fly or /heal) like coal rank gets worldedit iron rank gets something else it would be cool.
  3. theendishere

    Hi There!

    Pretty cool that you added 4 languages but anyways hi
  4. theendishere

    [Prison] Token Enchants Limit

    This is actually a good idea.Everytime i go to warp X to get some XP i always see some people use exca or explosive.
  5. theendishere

    Apparently I'm a dog

    he (or she) missed the fact that you're indian
  6. theendishere

    Skyblock (Custom Drops, More Cobblestone Gen Levels)

    I can agree with the more levels in cobble gen but not the custom drops.It's just that without custom drops we have a more balanced economy.If we had custom drops right now people will get just get 100M in a day with custom drops (if it dropped keys or books of course)
  7. theendishere


    Welcome to the community and I'm a pancake
  8. theendishere

    Skyblock Suggestions

    I love how dead will just respond saying ''no''
  9. theendishere

    Tarre, a 302 iq pokemon

    your nick should be ''homework'' tbh
  10. theendishere

    [Website] Bug Report

    Why would they both need all cosmetics? They only need bedrock or void to have all cosmetics not both
  11. theendishere

    [Website] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: yaboipancakes What is the bug related to?: Website Briefly explain the bug/issue: So in the ultranetwork store i was just looking what perks you get for the kind of ranks and i saw bedrock and void have the same perk being ''all cosmetics'' i was confused and i looked around and i just saw it as a mistake by skully or dead
  12. theendishere

    Suggestion about the cobble generator access

    Dead likes being sarcastic.Because a big big update hit on skyblock,dead is most likely to focus on prison more right now so even if dead accepts this suggestion i dont think it will get added this month.But hey still good suggestion i like it.
  13. theendishere

    Skyblock Reset

    Im expecting a big update on prison now.
  14. theendishere

    Redstone > Diamond V2

    Because no one did mt 6q offer one i will trade 11.5q Yes i will trade 11.5q for redstone > diamond and this time its 10 dollars dm on discord or in game if you find me
  15. theendishere

    11 months later lol

    jeff help me troll 9 year old roleplayers in roblox