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  1. theendishere

    [Prison] Token Enchants Limit

    This is actually a good idea.Everytime i go to warp X to get some XP i always see some people use exca or explosive.
  2. theendishere

    Apparently I'm a dog

    he (or she) missed the fact that you're indian
  3. theendishere

    Skyblock (Custom Drops, More Cobblestone Gen Levels)

    I can agree with the more levels in cobble gen but not the custom drops.It's just that without custom drops we have a more balanced economy.If we had custom drops right now people will get just get 100M in a day with custom drops (if it dropped keys or books of course)
  4. theendishere


    Welcome to the community and I'm a pancake
  5. theendishere

    Skyblock Suggestions

    I love how dead will just respond saying ''no''
  6. theendishere

    Tarre, a 302 iq pokemon

    your nick should be ''homework'' tbh
  7. theendishere

    [Website] Bug Report

    Why would they both need all cosmetics? They only need bedrock or void to have all cosmetics not both
  8. theendishere

    14 days left, halfway there

    same ces with prison
  9. theendishere

    [Website] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: yaboipancakes What is the bug related to?: Website Briefly explain the bug/issue: So in the ultranetwork store i was just looking what perks you get for the kind of ranks and i saw bedrock and void have the same perk being ''all cosmetics'' i was confused and i looked around and i just saw it as a mistake by skully or dead
  10. theendishere

    Suggestion about the cobble generator access

    Dead likes being sarcastic.Because a big big update hit on skyblock,dead is most likely to focus on prison more right now so even if dead accepts this suggestion i dont think it will get added this month.But hey still good suggestion i like it.
  11. theendishere

    Skyblock Reset

    Im expecting a big update on prison now.
  12. theendishere

    Redstone > Diamond V2

    Because no one did mt 6q offer one i will trade 11.5q Yes i will trade 11.5q for redstone > diamond and this time its 10 dollars dm on discord or in game if you find me
  13. theendishere

    11 months later lol

    jeff help me troll 9 year old roleplayers in roblox
  14. theendishere

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Bug reports and refund requests are different. Maybe you shouldn't have posted it here Make a refund request for your pick here
  15. theendishere

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: yaboipancakes What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello,this is just a quick bug that doesn't really effect the item (i cant really explain but you can see it with the photos) Its a glitch with a anvil. if you combine 2 items via a anvil the enchants combine 2 but with a different font and the enchant's doesn't work so let me show it how it works here are the photos its not a game breaking glitch but still it should be patched in the next reboot