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  1. This sounds like an interview XD, but all good questions. Curiosity isn't killing the cat here. (Frankly, these are questions that I'd be interested to see an answer to myself.)
  2. TobiMC

    Different accounts & Exchanging items

    Thank you for the reply and information! And okay good. Although I don't know why I said stats, didn't mean too. Thanks again, I'll be sure to message either Dead or Skully tomorrow. I just got my account all setup today! If no further replies are needed to be made, I'm considering this topic closed. So whoever can, please mark it as such so my post won't clutter up all the other undisclosed ones. Please & thank you!
  3. Hi everyone! I didn't know where to put this and if the owners need too see this, (They probably do need to be asked this question. I just wasn't sure and didn't want to waste their time if I didn't have too.) but I'm getting a premium account for Minecraft. It won't be the same account as the one I have on UltraNetwork right now because it isn't secure anymore. So when I get my new premium account, I'd like to know is there anything important I as a player on the server need to do, and if exchanging items to the new account plus whatever else I have on that account, money, stats, etc. is possible/allowed. Thanks to all who give me answers! It'll be a great help!
  4. TobiMC

    Applying for Staff at UltraNetwork

    I see. Ok then. I'll be sure to take that into account the next time in 3 weeks XD. Unfortunately, I already posted my application, so I can't fix that. Thanks for the tip though Skully!
  5. TobiMC

    Applying for Staff at UltraNetwork

    So quick question, is using some of the stuff you wrote on your first application for your second application but reworded bad? I'm curious since it says no copy/pasting but I typed out some of the stuff from my own application and reworded/added stuff and edited information accordingly.
  6. TobiMC


  7. TobiMC


    They're not my strong suit but I could definitely work something out that I like or even make my own version of it (Though the good one's are mostly discovered by now XD) I'll let you know if I come up with anything of interest.
  8. TobiMC


    I'd love too! It'd be a great opportunity to record with someone. And thanks, hope to see you as well. And please do provide a link, I'd love to show support as well.
  9. TobiMC


    Can I do both? I've already started my Skyblock and ranked up a lot in Prison.
  10. TobiMC


    Hello everybody! My name is Eliy! I'm 17 years old, just about done with highschool (Yay and yikes!) I'm excited to join all of you and hope to make a great addition to the server! I'm a bit of a nerd in redstone but not an expert. So expect to see my own contraptions on the server... Eventually. Hopefully it won't cause a damaging amount of lag XD. A little bit more about me, I'm kind of in the field of both nerd and athlete. Well, not so much athlete. More like, "That guy who is physically fit and does exercises but would die in a marathon" person. The more science loving side of me, I love science. My girlfriend has to listen to my rants all the time about the fascinating world of science, my want to be hobbies in things like electronics, coding, ect. But she hasn't got tired of it yet! I also (was) a small youtuber. That channel didn't go anywhere but I plan to pump out another channel with a lot more time put into it and dedication. So hopefully I can include what I do on this server into my videos as well. Hope to stick around and meet all of you. That's enough out of me. (And if you can't tell, I like to write too!) If I get my channel going, I'll be sure to leave a link somewhere.. If that's what I could do... Let me know about that. Bye for now! (: -Eliy (TobiMC)