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  1. FireySkeleton

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Hey @RussianEmpire What do you mean you keep getting banned before entering the server? Are you able to play/login to the server or does it say you're banned? Please contact me directly about this issue and we should be able to resolve it for you. Many thanks!
  2. FireySkeleton

    Discord problem (idk where do i start this topic)

    Hey @OnlyJakovMC The Discord link is available by doing /discord in one of the UltraNetwork servers. Here is the link click it and it will direct you to an 'accept invite' page. All the best,
  3. FireySkeleton

    Hi Wonderful People!

    Welcome To The Server @d13kgentleman I hope you enjoy your time here on the UltraNetwork All the best
  4. FireySkeleton

    Available Commands for Prison

    Great idea
  5. FireySkeleton

    Music in all gamemodes

    I Agree this would be a good feature
  6. FireySkeleton


    Hi @AnthEC Please make a Player report or Refund request and write in full of what happened. Player report - Thanks!
  7. FireySkeleton


    Welcome to the server, TickleMyPickle
  8. FireySkeleton

    Keydrops in skyblock And also custom drops

    Great Suggestion Like Witches drop rare keys again? That was a great time,
  9. FireySkeleton

    i want-

    Sure, Ill add you
  10. FireySkeleton

    Skyblock suggestion

    Thank you for the suggestion. Adding the Skulls option to Skyblock seems like a great idea for use of decoration. I agree this would be a great feature in the Skyblock server!
  11. FireySkeleton

    [Global] AFK Status

    Thank you for the suggestion. This is a great idea and hopefully it will be looked at This feature would be useful in both UN servers!
  12. FireySkeleton

    Dholki's Introduction Thread

    Welcome To UltraNetwork Amandeep! Hope you have fun and enjoy your time here
  13. FireySkeleton

    14 days left, halfway there

    Wishing you all the best in your appeal, @06DJGIRL Missing you! -Firey
  14. I actually thought you’re male whoops?

    1. Zil


      haha OOPS !!!!

    2. Unsanity


      You goofed.