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  1. FireySkeleton

    [Skyblock] Custom Drops / Custom Items

    Great idea 😛
  2. hey firey

    1. FireySkeleton


      Hello Hoshey


      How are you? :) 


    2. hoshey


      good my punishment ban is almost over

    3. hoshey


      is everything alright at the island

  3. FireySkeleton

    [Skyblock] Selling an island

    Good game.
  4. FireySkeleton

    uh hi?

    Hey @Bagsteir Welcome to the UltraNetwork! The server is always looking for people to make a change and to be part of the team, once you have 48h+ on any of the UN servers you will be eligible to apply for the staff position, if this is something that you will be doing i give you good luck! If you cannot find the staff application section on the forums, do /apply in any of the servers and it will assist you. Again, thanks for introducing yourself and nice to meet you
  5. FireySkeleton

    Multiple sign warps (skyblock)

    Hey @IIMiniQueenII I completely agree that this would be very helpful for Skyblock. The ability to have multiple /is warps would be a great feature that would be welcome on the server. You could have a warp at your cactus farm, your main island and maybe your shop. Great Suggestion! ❤️
  6. FireySkeleton


    Hey @lukas9446MC I would like to start by saying thank you for your lovely comments about UN. Maybe in the future the server will add future game-modes that could potentially be mini-games. But who knows? I admire your ideas to help boost the UltraNetwork and that kind of positive attitude is welcomed most on the server. Great Suggestion
  7. FireySkeleton

    1.9 Blocks and farm Items (Skyblock)

    Hey @Katelyn312 That's a great suggestion that can help improve the experience for players on Skyblock, we take every suggestion we get seriously and consider it within full detail. Once again, great suggestion! All the best
  8. FireySkeleton

    Hi everyone isn't UltraNetwork so fun to play?

    Hey @XV_Gaming_TYV I completely agree with you that the server is a fun place to play, both of the UltraNetwork Server's are good game-modes that are popular amongst a lot of people. Maybe one day in the future we will see more games! who knows? All the best, and see you around
  9. FireySkeleton

    It's Burger, Hello and goodbye

    Hey @OuterRaven I am sad that you are now banned, but actions have consequences. Have you tried appealing for an unban? All the best
  10. FireySkeleton

    Op Prisons should have coin flip

    Coinflip does seem like a good way to help players get money and make the game much more exciting, But as Serana said, it was just used to get rich and peoples weren't mining, could be something to do with its removal. Although it would be great if it came back, it is fun.
  11. FireySkeleton

    Upgrading the Shop (skyblock)

    Hey @sezloc I think this is a great idea and would make Skyblock more fun for players! I support the idea
  12. FireySkeleton

    // (aka worldedit) for donors

    This could potentially be a good idea, Great Suggestion.
  13. FireySkeleton

    Hi There!

    @PikChuBakup Nice to have you on the server!
  14. FireySkeleton

    Applying for Staff at UltraNetwork

    Good Luck!
  15. FireySkeleton

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Hey @RussianEmpire What do you mean you keep getting banned before entering the server? Are you able to play/login to the server or does it say you're banned? Please contact me directly about this issue and we should be able to resolve it for you. Many thanks!