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  1. Redstone

    suggestion for pvp at skyblock (useable for prison)

    This will be a major blow to every Op pvper simple because nobody will ever accept their /pvp request because they know the other player will kill them.
  2. Redstone


    Bows are actually really op in prison AND they are relatively easy to make. So adding this wont be much good.
  3. Redstone

    God Set

    Pvp is a part of both skyblock and prison, and god sets are an integral part of pvp. I mostly play in skyblock and want to know the best enchants which should be added on a sword as well as armour pieces to rule the pvp! I am sure there are players who are really experienced with pvp and have tona of kills in pvp who could hopefully help me out. Thanks.
  4. Redstone

    R.I.P Stan Lee

  5. Redstone

    Apparently I'm a dog

    Trig u Indian?
  6. Redstone

    Is t series gonna win?

    Being an Indian, I am going to support T series but I will say that Pewds is cool as well.
  7. Redstone

    Repairing stuff .

    True but it would be good if we could do it ourselves because most beginners don't know that donors can actually fix their items for free.
  8. Redstone

    Repairing stuff .

    In skyblock, repairing tools is always a headache for beginners. Once a player has progressed then he/she can buy hellforged or mending to repair items. But for beginners the only source of repair is the Repair sign in /spawn. Now I have a problems with it, firstly it only repairs the item held in hand for 50k. Now that doesn't sound too much, but for a beginner it is a big amount. Even for players without /fix or hellforged it is difficult to use up almost 400k for repairing stuff. I would suggest just to make it Repair all items or to repair it for a lower cost. This does not mean a big update, the sign needs to be just changed to Repair all instead of Repair hand. Thank you.
  9. Redstone

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: theboyredstone12 What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: So I was just playing around when a player named Xnestormc said that another player named DarkGroom could fly in his island. I tped to him and saw him flying around in the island. The player DarkGroom had no rank and he still was able to fly. On asking him he kept saying that "only legends can fly" over and over again without a serious response. Serana_xo(moderator) was present and said that players can /fly in others islands as well, but I was unable to do so. On typing /fly it said I didn't have permissions. Also he was not cooped in the island of XNestorMC and he was flying in my island as well where he wasn't cooped.
  10. Redstone

    Condense Signs.

    This is not a serious or big thing. Just to add condense signs, basically they will be signs which will be placed on chests written [Condense]. Clicking on this sign will make the items inside if the chest condense into blocks. Also auto condense could be a thing. So that every time items entered a chest it would get condense. Thanks.
  11. Redstone

    [Website] Bug Report

    Most probably both the ranks have the perks of unlocking every cosmetic.
  12. Redstone

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: theboyredstone12 What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: A few days ago a player was saying in chat that he has sold something in auction house but did not get the money. I firstly ignored it. To day I want AFK and had a 300 Pickaxe in the auction house for 10T. My balance was 6T and after coming back I scrolled up to see if something interesting I had missed and was surprised to see that a player had actually bought the item but my balance was still 6T. After saying this in chat another player also said this had happened to him and he had sold some keys for 600Bil and had not received the money. I don't have much good evidence for this but it does occasionally occur.
  13. Redstone

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    That's pretty weird I must say. I would recommend you to record the next time you play any Rps or Trade with somebody for better proof.