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  1. Darrel

    Hi, I'm Copline.

    Welcome mate! 😃 If you need help with something, find me I'm always active to the server. My username is darrel Have a great stay!
  2. Darrel

    [Skyblock] Auto Experience Bottling

    Use the F key for that lol. You know the bind key, where you can change it by /changebind you just press f to bottle the experience. No need to make it hard for everyone.
  3. Darrel

    how to setup a shop

    Heyoo, If you're talking about on prison go to /p h Dead_Master_121 That plot teaches you how to set up a shop with signs. Follow the instructions and you'll be alright. Same goes with skyblock, same format. But you can see that on /tutorial. If you're still confused, <Username> <Amount> B/S <Price> <Itemname/id> ^ Here's the format
  4. Darrel

    Ideas for token enchants

    That is true. Since tokens don't hold any value that much anymore when Dead decrease the excavation costs, we only need like 240k tokens and we're done with them. But this will be laggy though, having more enchantments and all
  5. Darrel

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    That it should. People are annoyed from explosive enchantments when getting experience and yet some players just use the pickaxe with them to get experience, but you get more experience without the explosive enchantments that's why Dead disabled it.
  6. Darrel

    cobblestone generator

    Your friend might be the island leader. And if so, when the leader of the island is offline, the generator won't generate diamonds, emeralds, and gold ingots only iron and cobblestone. The generators only work when your leader is online if he's offline, it will not generate the other ores.
  7. Darrel


    Hello Bud. The command for it is /sv top for the leaderboard. Type /vote to see the rewards you can get from being a top voter, at this month (April), there will be 5 winners and can win ranks/ultra keys. I don't know if it will be again for this month. If you are a top voter DeadMaster, one of the server owners will announce the top voters on discord. And after he announces it, you may direct message him on discord and from there you may claim your reward. Of course, you'll be able to get them when you message him when he and you are both online. If you haven't joined the discord server yet, type /discord in game. It will send you a link to the server so you'll get up to date on the announcements
  8. Darrel

    How do you get colored names?

    If you bought the nick voucher from /moneycommands, that doesn't give you access to colors. You may only have access to it if you get a nick voucher from a minecrate; from mining, or by buying it from players.
  9. Darrel

    Whitelist for Private messages

    Use /ignore <username> so you won't see them messaging, nor see them chatting in main chat.
  10. Darrel

    [Prison] Some Helpful Tips

    Hello there John! Great that you're suggesting some tips for the server, but I have some issues with what you are trying to say here, and here's why. I see that you wanted to have this idea because for everyone who is ranking up should get a better kit right? So that they'll have a better source of income. (Because who wants to stay as using starter kit in the middle ranks?) I get what you want here, but it will be tedious if it's for every rank, and it's unnecessary in my opinion. Well, you can get kits vouchers randomly by just regularly mining. That will give you a boost that you need. (It's a random chance by the way, so just keep mining til you get what you wanted.) In short, this won't be added anytime soon. I like this suggestion. Well, it's just more appropriate I guess. Having a wood warp so people who want to build just needs an axe and they'll be good to go. But the thing is, which type? That's the hard part. If they made it mixed, that would take ages. Because as far as I'm aware, fortune doesn't give you more wood. So, /shop blocks is still better to have I'm afraid. Yes, I completely have the same feelings towards this problem too. But that's what makes it more fun. Grinding. I don't know about you but this is what I feel about some of the ranks having a level but still the same mine but the fun is where you are ranking up, not when you reach the last rank. Because in the last rank, when you finally reach it as a new player, people will just tell you to stay there and earn, and yes, what they are saying is the best strategy before prestiging and doing it continuously. Now, do you see my point? It's an endless cycle. It's not the fun where you strive for just to rank up. You just mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. To earn and rank up, and probably make an IRL Trade. I know there are some problems in between like what your pickaxe type, it's enchantments, commands you need such as autosell, fly, etc. I know. That too is part why it's fun to strive for it. Well, this is only what I see it by and others might see it by just tedious and hard to do. Some became beggars just to rank up. (If you're still reading this, great job! 👍) Easier way is to be tentative to /daily (2000 per 24 hours), trade your balance to get tokens (Exchange rate is 1t = 1k), or enchantment your pickaxe with Luckymining (25 is maxed level) by /pl or /ver or /tokens while holding your pickaxe(They're the same outcomes). Yeah, almost everyone who's new is complaining and questioning about this too, but it was preset to that is because to avoid hackers you see. So it prevents them from just joining in the server and rekt people in PvP with their Killaura, Anti-Knockbacks, etc. So you have to endure it and play the server for now before you go to Pvp Also, this is a great time to make a better set of armor, better enchantments of your weapons. Because we have custom enchantments here for more op op actions! If your aim here is Tokens/Balance, I don't think this is a great idea because we can mine in mines to get those stuff. If your aim here is Experience, then go to /warp x or warp u they give a lot of experience when you mine there. Welp, that's all I have to say. If you're still here reading this, I appreciate that Don't forget to /vote for the server and /donate as well
  11. Darrel

    [Other] Bug Report

    If you can't click the links on /vote, you can go to vote.ultranetwork.me instead and click the vote links from there and vote
  12. Darrel

    New Command

    This is prison you're talking about right? Well you see, night vision is free, you just have to type /nightvision or /nv and you'll get a free night vision effect without needing anything for it. or you can get it in /ver or /pl or in /tokens, the night vision enchantment, so every time you hold your pickaxe, you'll have the effect. You can also enchant any item with the night vision effect by holding the item and adding the night vision enchantment as you would in a pickaxe, and use that item you added a night vision on in /hat so that you'll have a permanent night vision effect. Hope this helps you
  13. Hello! As you've seen in the title, I will be trading my in-game items/currencies to trade with you for it. So if you're interested, these are my offers for the sweetest item that can be bought from the buycraft of UltraNetwork, the Platinum Bundle in Prison: 15 Quadrillion 1.5million Tokens 1million Gems An Iron Rank Voucher A maxed 500 Pickaxe That will be my offer for the Platinum Bundle. If you're still not content with my offers, I may increase it if need be. Also! I have currencies/items on Skyblock. If you want, I could offer some of it too! Here is my info by the way: In-game name: darrel Discord name(Tag): Dɐɹɹǝl#9845 Thanks for reading! Have a great day!
  14. Darrel

    How can i login because i forgot my password

    Direct message/Private message an Owner in discord to help you out in your situation; Skully#8379 DeadMaster#7001 https://discord.gg/qBYdyM ^ the Discord server if you haven't joined yet, and if you don't have an account yet, create one and join there
  15. Darrel

    EXP Blocks

    If this were the case, the higher ranks will dominate PvP; getting experience faster and getting more enchantments to their armor, swords, and bows due to their ranks. Making the member ranks or the lower donor ranks weak in PvP and has no chance of winning against the higher ranked players