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  1. Darrel

    Discord Rank

    You can only have it when you're talking in #skyblock-chat or in #prison-chat channels while you are on discord. Do /discord and join the server and talk there. You can't carry it with you in Minecraft. Only in Discord
  2. Darrel

    Skyblock gg

    Now, that's better. +1 This is a great suggestion. If this is added to Skyblock, It would be great for the economy. Furthermore, It will shift the exchange rates from Prison currency to SB currency and vice versa by a lot. Also, the prices of each item will change due to the course of time.
  3. Darrel

    Skyblock gg

    I like the idea so that they can be upgradeable, but they already transfer items quicker than before. Why need it to be faster? That said, I don't think Dead will consider the autosell part. Might cause the tps to go down again and lag the server. We had autosell signs before, but they were removed due to lag. Well, that's what I heard of anyways.
  4. Darrel

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Book & Quill is removed from the server because they're bugged. Neither in Prison or Skyblock that you can get one.
  5. Darrel


    Hello there! Welcome to the server bud! Glad you're enjoying the server. Also, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year If you need something, I'm casually online in Skyblock or DM me on discord: Darrel#9845
  6. Darrel

    [Prison Server] Bad Staff

    Put this on the Ban Appeal category then we'll talk there. In here
  7. Darrel

    Keydrops in skyblock And also custom drops

    Yeah.. Wolves are completely useless in Skyblock. Only drop experiences We need some of the custom drops back if it's possible, so for it to somehow have it's worth.
  8. Darrel

    Skyblock Cobble gen Suggestions (Part 2)

    I agree! I want the cobblestone's percentage to generate to be less and more ores. Also, to add quartz for us to make more redstone contraptions. For the redstone to be used less and other alternative usages for it.
  9. Darrel

    New teirs for oregens at skyblock

    Hi there! Nice to see you want some things to be added on the server. There are some that I agree on and there are some that I don't agree on. Mainly because it's going to be too OP for the players. Although they paid for it, so it'll depend to the owners if they agree to them. Your first suggestion is good. I like the quartz ore to be added there so that we can obtain quartz to make stuff with it (mainly with redstone contraptions). But to add diamond blocks in there would be too OP in my taste because of how it will change the game entirely. Everyone would be mining and get island levels easily, and make everyone focus on that. Then, to your second suggestion I like the idea but then again too OP because it would become a P2W server. I don't think it would be great for everyone to have that added regardless of the names you've said. I like them being added overall.
  10. Darrel

    My Minigame (on my 2nd plot)

    Minigames? please make Spleef, Maze, Parkour, and Archery to your plot. OwO Add rewards so that people will be more competitive to minigames, plus more peeps.
  11. Darrel

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    If you aren't the leader of the island and your leader is offline and then you try to mine, it won't generate the other ores only iron and cobblestone. That's how it works here even though you bought the upgrades yourself even though you are not the leader those are just wasted money unless you make your own island or your current leader gives you the ownership of the island. Gold, diamond, emerald, etc. can only generate when the leader of the island is online.
  12. Darrel


    Well.. Dead can just add a cooldown and price for getting a bow and arrows in /warp pvp so it can't be spammed while it won't be for free. Problem solved.
  13. Darrel

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Permanent multipliers obtained in multi crates while having that rank, which in that case you're platinum it doesn't stack. You already have platinum it will not combine to perm multipliers in the multi crate or the perks from bedrock > elytra. That would be too OP. It doesn't work like that. You can only stack them by voting, buying/getting temporary multipliers, global multipliers, and the quest: 2000 blocks mined needed (only this because the other quests don't stack with other multipliers that you already have).
  14. Darrel

    The New League

    Welcome to the server! 😊 Enjoy 😋
  15. Darrel

    How Do I Make Money On SkyBlock?

    Uhm, you basically sell the things that you have many of or you don't need. You make automatic farms like Cactus farms, iron golem farms (these are the used farms because custom drops are disabled at the moment), and many more. You can watch a tutorials on youtube on how to make grinders / automatic ones. You can go to profit shops too by warping to people's warps. you usually see people advertising their shops in chat. Also, you can do /is warps to see all the warps of the players, you can see what their warps are - either it's a profit shops, EXP grinders, a scenery warp (for just viewing their island and such), and so on. Oh and, Just like in Prison, they have prestige levels and stuff while on Skyblock, its island levels. You level up by expanding your island. then do /is level for it to calculate on how big your island have progressed. To know what block is better to be place and how much it will give you, do /is value while holding the block.