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  1. Darrel

    New Command

    This is prison you're talking about right? Well you see, night vision is free, you just have to type /nightvision or /nv and you'll get a free night vision effect without needing anything for it. or you can get it in /ver or /pl or in /tokens, the night vision enchantment, so every time you hold your pickaxe, you'll have the effect. You can also enchant any item with the night vision effect by holding the item and adding the night vision enchantment as you would in a pickaxe, and use that item you added a night vision on in /hat so that you'll have a permanent night vision effect. Hope this helps you
  2. Hello! As you've seen in the title, I will be trading my in-game items/currencies to trade with you for it. So if you're interested, these are my offers for the sweetest item that can be bought from the buycraft of UltraNetwork, the Platinum Bundle in Prison: 11 Quadrillion 1.5million Tokens 1million Gems An Iron Rank Voucher A maxed 500 Pickaxe and; A clean 400 Pickaxe That will be my offer for the Platinum Bundle. If you're still not content with my offers, I may increase it if need be. Also! I have currencies/items on Skyblock. If you want, I could offer some of it too! Here is my info by the way: In-game name: darrel Discord name(Tag): Dɐɹɹǝl#9845 Thanks for reading! Have a great day!
  3. Darrel

    How can i login because i forgot my password

    Direct message/Private message an Owner in discord to help you out in your situation; Skully#8379 DeadMaster#7001 https://discord.gg/qBYdyM ^ the Discord server if you haven't joined yet, and if you don't have an account yet, create one and join there
  4. Darrel

    EXP Blocks

    If this were the case, the higher ranks will dominate PvP; getting experience faster and getting more enchantments to their armor, swords, and bows due to their ranks. Making the member ranks or the lower donor ranks weak in PvP and has no chance of winning against the higher ranked players
  5. Darrel

    [Idea] Stackable stacks

    Schematica is an external mod that you download off of the internet and it helps you building-wise. Mostly used on Skyblock
  6. Darrel

    [Idea] Stackable stacks

    Schematica has always been legal. You can use Schematica on placing sign shops to make your lives easier.
  7. Darrel

    Skyblock cat

    Get 10 raw fish then sneak left click on the ground to get a tamed ocelot
  8. Darrel

    [Idea] Customizable cobble generator

    Viable but tedious. Someone suggested a while back that Nether Quartz Ore to be added in the generator, and it's percentage to the generation of ores/blocks/stones to be changed when you upgrade it more. I don't know if Dead will add it though uh what
  9. Darrel

    [Feedback] Commands

    The AutoSmelt enchantment gives you more. Autosell is essential to Prison not on SB. We can live without it. And no it doesn't lag in Prison.
  10. Darrel

    [Idea] Customizable cobble generator

    I don't think Dead will. They can just customize it to all on Diamond/Emerald and Island Level will just pop, and like everyone will have a high number of island level right out of the bat.
  11. Darrel

    [Feedback] Commands

    I half agree with you there. Yes, it is useless because it doesn't do anything other than telling others that you're afk/away. But if Dead made it to bypass the anti-afk, what's the point of having the anti-afk system in the first place? It'll be for nothing. I suggest here is to extend the afk time to those who have /afk so that it'll be useful, and at the same time it doesn't nullify the anti-afk system. If you separately bought the /nick in /donate > commands, you will have all access to it including the &k code. But if you bought ranks, I think it's Emerald or Bedrock rank that has access to /nick (below that it doesn't have the command with colors), and it doesn't have access to the &k code. By the way, if you only bought the /nick in /perks, you can only change the name, no colors & no formats. The AutoSmelt enchantment is better than the /autosmelt command when you have one maxed and attached to your pickaxe. And it has another effect that it gives you more ingots when you mine using the enchantment. /pweather is a thing. Only Bedrock rankers and above has this, although it doesn't work. I tried it myself it doesn't do much, but before reset, we can make it rain whenever we wanted to and it's only for our screen that it'll rain. In your screen it won't. /autosell won't be a thing. It was removed twice now. Probably because of lag (this is the only thing I can assume to why they remove it) /feed has it's uses. I know that /heal and /feed are the same thing, but /heal heals you too I know. That's most likely why you considered this as a useless command. But did you know? Whenever you use /heal your effects gets removed? Like when you have the Burnshield or Night Vision effect when you use the /heal they get removed and you have to equip your armor to get them back. But /feed doesn't. It restores your hunger but keeps the effects untouched (It's very essential in PvP). Did you also know that when you equip a helmet that has Burnshield or Glowing or both and use /hat (while holding an item can be /hat) the effects stay even though you're equipping nothing. And yes, /heal and /feed have cooldowns which is 10 mins If I recall? But, if you are a Diamond ranker above, you don't have any cooldowns on it, you can spam them whenever you want. That'll be all thanks for reading! Don't forget to vote and get cool rewards! @ vote.ultranetwork.me
  12. Darrel

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Have you tried relogging after disabling the notifications? Someone said that after you disabled the Lucky Mining Notifications in /prefs, you need to relog. Mine doesn't show in chat when I mine.
  13. Darrel

    Forge doesn't work.

    Can you try using 1.12.2 Minecraft and of course, the forge too? It might help. Plus, what are the mods you have installed? There may be big that causes your laptop/PC to lose its fps and shuts off the client because of it.
  14. Darrel

    Autosell for Skyblock

    Hello Katie! The server is indeed developing well (even without the autosell signs). But since you posted this in Minecraft Discussion and not in Suggestions, you're just saying that the autosell signs are great to have if it is added. And If you want them to be added to the server, we had them before, but it was removed due to lag (I think). And IF they did add it in Skyblock, they will immediately remove it. Why? Because we already have choppers; add the autosell signs into the server - BAM! You'll see the server lag constantly and the TPS will actually die from it. Dead might have to remove the choppers if autosell signs were to be added or in the worst case scenario, both.
  15. Darrel

    Reseph's Idea In Skyblock l;

    A command such as /spawners that displays the quantity of spawners owned by one(or by each island), portraying each type of spawner in a slot with a value either next to it or appearing while you drag on it. Can be useful for refund requests or just for curiosity sake. credits to the owner: Reseph l; If I may add, this can be displayed in /is top too just like before, I don't know why it was removed, but it was a good thing to have. So people will know much spawners they have, and how much their island costs or something. In any case, This is a great thing to be added, so their progress can easily be tracked, and it can detect if they duped spawners or something.