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  1. Unsanity

    Questions Under Ban Appeal

    Here Skully#8379
  2. Unsanity

    Pay ALL ONLINE players in Prison

    I absolutely agree with this.
  3. Unsanity

    Pls I need help with /nick command

    Hey there, /nick command is a separate command which has no permission for bold. You purchased a nickname with colour. If you /warp moneycommands and turn around you should find a sign giving you access to bold for 4T.
  4. Unsanity

    Hello world!

    Hey there, enjoy your stay on UN. If you ever need help feel free do shoot me a message!
  5. Unsanity


    Welcome to Ultra, if you need any help feel free to dm me!
  6. Unsanity

    Repairing stuff .

    I mean you can essentially repair your tools for free... There is always a high donator or a staff member online which can fix them for ya.
  7. Unsanity


    Welcome to the forums, hope to see you in game!
  8. Unsanity

    Hey I'm Skruffy

    Welcome to forums, already seen ya in Prison!
  9. Unsanity

    An Idea.

    1. I can sort of see working 2. Yeah doubt this one is gonna happen since it coulda originally been like that instead of having /condense 3. This is already a thing. When you type something in Spanish (For example "Hola") Prisonguard tells you to do /Spanish
  10. Unsanity

    ImEleonora scammer with multiple account

    Wrong section, You need to display some evidence for a player report (Logs, screenshots etc) Once you meet those requirements you may report the player HERE.
  11. Unsanity

    [Global] AFK Status

    Actually one of the better suggestions I have seen. Maybe it not being even when messaging but displayed when pressing tab beside the player's name? +1
  12. Unsanity

    SkyBlock Suggestion!

    Or only add people you fully trust.
  13. Unsanity

    Hub server login

    This is a cracked Minecraft server. You require a password so only YOU can log into your account. An exception is being a Premium player. If your account is premium you are able to message an owner and request to be added to the Premium list. This means you do not have to log in when you enter the game.
  14. Unsanity

    The New League

    Enjoy your stay, and if you ever need help feel free to shoot me a message!
  15. Unsanity

    Tarre, a 302 iq pokemon

    Your meme taste interests me 🤔