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  1. Serana_xo


    Try using 1.12.2 to join the server. 😊
  2. Serana_xo

    Schematica _ printer

    The schematica mod is allowed, and you can use the printer within the mod.
  3. Serana_xo

    I need to transfer my account :(

    Make a rank transfer request here.
  4. Serana_xo

    Sell signs

    You can use the schematica mod to place shop signs a lot faster.
  5. Serana_xo

    Op Prisons should have coin flip

    Prison had coin flip and rock paper scissors awhile ago, but they were both removed. Assuming due to players stopped mining and were just gambling to get rich.
  6. Serana_xo

    Custom Tag.

    If you're talking about a personal custom tag, it's perm. Personal tags can be changed once every 2 weeks, to change a tag you have to message the owner (DeadMaster#7001) on discord.
  7. Serana_xo

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    I can’t help with it, only an owner can but thankyou for reporting it. 😊
  8. Serana_xo


    Just do /register <password> the password is whatever you want it to be, you use /login <password> for when you come on the server after you have registered.
  9. Serana_xo

    hehe wrong send lole

    Can relate
  10. Serana_xo

    Dholki's Introduction Thread

    Welcome to Ultra! Hope you have fun. 😃
  11. Serana_xo

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Global multis only show up on the scoreboard.
  12. Serana_xo

    Donator Rank Requests

    Just got Redstone, need donator on forums and discord. My discord is Serana_xo#0360