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  1. KawaiiYTGamer11

    Questions Under Ban Appeal

    @Unsanity it’s not working
  2. KawaiiYTGamer11

    Questions Under Ban Appeal

    Due, I can't find ImSkully's discord. I copy and pasted the discord under his name, and it doesn't seem to work.. Well, I will answer the questions down in forums. @ImSkully 1. I bought it myself, no one bought it for me. All, the question have been answered.
  3. KawaiiYTGamer11

    How Do I Make Money On SkyBlock?

    I am new to skyblock, and I don't know the simpliest way of making money. I know you can mine, and sell but is there anything else? Thanks for your help, here and out!
  4. KawaiiYTGamer11

    Suggestion For Money Convert Tokens.

    Good point.
  5. KawaiiYTGamer11

    Suggestion For Money Convert Tokens.

    Some people have less gems, and tokens, but a lot of money. So I think that we should add a money converter to tokens, it'll be better so we could get more tokens and stop begging for tokens from other people. It'll be better, because I've seen people bully people on how poor they are, so we should add this 'Money Convert Tokens' If this is a bad idea, I want to know why. Okay all of you, have good suggestions and comments.
  6. KawaiiYTGamer11

    Trading 1Q for coal rank in prison

    I could be the dealer, I have $98 pounds/dollars in my paypal account. If you do accept it, add me on discord.
  7. KawaiiYTGamer11

    Finding Someone Who Could IRL Trade With Me

    You are lucky that, I could buy someone a platinum bundle if I have enough, I in my paypal have over $98 dollars/pounds in my paypal. I could buy you it, if you already have people buying you a platinum bundle thats fine. I have bought a pmine,Iron Rank. I don't know why I am telling you that. If you accept, my discord is in my profile to get contact.
  8. Hey I am KawaiiYTGamer11 I did this because everyone forgot me! hello!