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  1. KawaiiYTGamer11

    Trading 1Q for coal rank in prison

    I could be the dealer, I have $98 pounds/dollars in my paypal account. If you do accept it, add me on discord.
  2. KawaiiYTGamer11

    Finding Someone Who Could IRL Trade With Me

    You are lucky that, I could buy someone a platinum bundle if I have enough, I in my paypal have over $98 dollars/pounds in my paypal. I could buy you it, if you already have people buying you a platinum bundle thats fine. I have bought a pmine,Iron Rank. I don't know why I am telling you that. If you accept, my discord is in my profile to get contact.
  3. Hey I am KawaiiYTGamer11 I did this because everyone forgot me! hello!