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  1. Lux_


    Trading 5Q for Void-Ender (30$) just DM me on discord, MrHandsome#5680 for more info
  2. Lux_

    top miners!

    So basically this suggestion was added before but it was removed, thats why im going to suggest it. So the topmineddaily or weekly miners should received a reward.
  3. Lux_

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Yes you can warp to avenger mine because you're rank Scout-II. And the rank scout is higher rank than Avenger.
  4. Lux_


    If there is a gems-tokens, then there should be a tokens-gems too. Because why not?
  5. Lux_

    i want-

    skully... im not new in the server 😐. but ok... ily
  6. Lux_

    i want-

  7. Lux_

    i want-

    hello!! i hope youre doing good, lysm!!
  8. Lux_

    i want-

    hi! can u be my friend?
  9. Is anyone here doing irl trade? I am buying rank upgrade [Iron-Gold] just message me in discord, lux#5680 for price/more details, THANK YOU NEXT!
  10. Lux_

    i want-

    Hello its me, Lux_ and I just want to say that I want friends because I need friends in the server. and by the way, feel free to slide into my dm in discord just message me (lux#5680) in discord. THANK YOU NEXT! I love chocolates.