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  1. xXxToFFi


    What x D
  2. xXxToFFi

    I bet that nobody remembers me

    hai, waffles! long time no seem bro why u not come to play?
  3. xXxToFFi

    Trading Sb Money for ru

    Hi there sorry I m not need coal rank but, my friend needs it. it is teslockpro ign - teslockporo discord = TeslockPro#8585 enjoy.
  4. xXxToFFi

    Trading Sb Money for ru

    As u see the Title I m trading money for ru so I m trading things >300Mil >1 sell stick > 1 eff X fort X unbr X So if u doing then msg me when even I online or dm me at discord! ign = xXxToFFi Discord = ø,¸¸,ø¤º° ĐɆ₳₮Ⱨ °º¤ø,¸¸,ø#3315 Have a Great Day
  5. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    That not a bug! it called duping! please don't try it or u can get banned for duping spawners.
  6. xXxToFFi


    And this is a non-hacker game so yeah.
  7. xXxToFFi


    Hi there so I saw UN server is getting bored for some players and they have quite this server. but I have a suggestion of a new minigame called speed build in I know dead not need to add more games but, Deadmaster I will ask u a question if UN Go down? I see the player list day by day there are not more player that I was seen before there were like 50 players or 60 in sb or prison every day but now it like 31 or 40 I do not really know about speed build but please see this video I do not really like to adv but sorry about that but it's just a minigame so yeah. please reply on my suggestion dead master or skully. thank you.
  8. xXxToFFi

    [Prison] Mining Rewards

    Hi there hmmm you're suggesting will get denied because I like the /mining command it has all keys but not pickaxe nor ultra cause it will be there then peeps will not buy a pickaxe and ultra cause u just nd to mine.
  9. xXxToFFi

    [SkyBlock] WorldEdit commands

    I m agree with yihren but i just need //undo comamnd
  10. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock] Item bags

    U may get.
  11. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock] Item bags

    So, if u get 4 legendary keys in a bag then? that will be going to be op cuz u can also get more legendary keys.
  12. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock] Item bags

    Hi there if it even add then it will be a cost like 5mil. cause mini crates are not normal it can also give u op or good stuff.
  13. xXxToFFi


    Hey, there I have the same thing that u having there no need to be any pvp game cause pvp = hacker and their non-hacker game also! like, build battle and Creative! Creative = a huge plot and build anything and u have a creative mode. I love this both I hope this 2 game added.
  14. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock] Economy

    Good idea. I hope duping glitches also get removed.
  15. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock] Custom Drops / Custom Items

    Hi, their Custom drops are disabled rn and they add in future! before the reset, there is easy to make money but rn it hard to get I like that cuz it not like before making a witch farm and get keys and items it mabby add or not dead will answer this I think it does not need to be added cause I like to do hard work.