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  1. xXxToFFi

    Combining Sell Wands

    Agree. i have so many sell sticks, i also thinking about this only.
  2. xXxToFFi

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    they not even scary. + can u tell me how that guys get the op gset without doing /gset in the game. they not even beg for the books. and this suggestion can't be add cuz it will make all the player ez to get the ce book. and that players how try hard. to get that books that will do choce 2 things leave the server or mining. cuz they will think we work hard legendary book. they will try to write i will leave this un. cuz i work hard to get this books.
  3. xXxToFFi

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Tickle u think if a guy even have 10T and he waste it on exp bottle and one stack give player almost 25 exp and then he use all and he will get like 100 or 120 exp then see he will buy legendary and rare book . and then think he doing this and doing this. then exp will be useless. then all think exp is so easy now anyone can get exp. and we can't make op prison more op. this prison is good without exp too.
  4. xXxToFFi

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    So what u think? i m just think about xp? if u think it so u worng. u tell getting a legendary book will be easy to get if exp bottle are in /shop and then getting xp will get more easy and even a noob can get one stack of legendary book. in like 1 hour
  5. xXxToFFi

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    "Implement XP bottles (300B per stack should be an optimal price)" not agree. becuz it will make exp warp useless like /warp x it is the exp warp u can get it exp ez. and who have like 50T they get a legendary book in like 1 min cuz of exp bottle. and u can get legendary book in /q too.
  6. xXxToFFi

    Trading 3Q for Gold Rank.

    YOO so if u doing irl trade so dm me at here ---> ꧁๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡ĔĺîàŚ꧂#0001
  7. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

  8. xXxToFFi

    Enchants In Prisons

    wit excva III = books in 5m so it op?
  9. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: xXxToFFi What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: So. in skyblock. i was think i need to play solo. in my friend's island all that gen upgrade are full. ultra gen till there and i make a island i need to update my gen. but what i see? all the gen are upgrade but it not coming in my mining gen. i think it's a bug... so fix it plz
  10. xXxToFFi


    So u think a normal bow is sooo op it can kill anyone? my mean to say we can buy normal simple bow. in /warp pvp
  11. xXxToFFi


    Hello there, So my Suggestion is at /warp pvp there need to be a sign like Right click for Bow. i not need to say that a Op bow need to be there. i just need to tell a normal bow will be there. and some time? a good bow? have unbreaker 1 ? i not know . but there need to be a normal bow sign that give bow. normal one
  12. xXxToFFi

    Repairing stuff .

    for beginners there are free iron + cactus island so. i think dead need to make it low in money it is good i think so.
  13. xXxToFFi

    Skyblock suggestions please accept

    SlimeFun is a survival game plugin and STB tools also survival plguin.
  14. xXxToFFi

    Skyblock suggestion

    Island Size can't be infinite d;
  15. xXxToFFi

    An Idea.

    i m agree with 1st and 2nd idea