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  1. xXxToFFi


    Hey, there I have the same thing that u having there no need to be any pvp game cause pvp = hacker and their non-hacker game also! like, build battle and Creative! Creative = a huge plot and build anything and u have a creative mode. I love this both I hope this 2 game added.
  2. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock] Economy

    Good idea. I hope duping glitches also get removed.
  3. xXxToFFi

    [Skyblock] Custom Drops / Custom Items

    Hi, their Custom drops are disabled rn and they add in future! before the reset, there is easy to make money but rn it hard to get I like that cuz it not like before making a witch farm and get keys and items it mabby add or not dead will answer this I think it does not need to be added cause I like to do hard work.
  4. xXxToFFi

    [Feedback] Spawners

    Hi, there so Custom drops will add in future not now so. I think it can get accept or not.
  5. xXxToFFi

    EXP Blocks

    Hi there well, Darrel telling true so I do think it can get add or something? I don't know so much but Dead will tell the answer.
  6. xXxToFFi

    Multiple sign warps (skyblock)

    Hi, there I love the idea. I hope it will get added.
  7. xXxToFFi


    Hi, So I have to tell Skyblock player need to have //undo command access cuz if we mess something that we world edit wrong or it messes so we can just write //undo and the last action will get remove and we will build safe so thank if u add this. I can understand that some will tell no it wrong but when they try it they will get to know how useful it is it good then //undo command is usefully so we can remove our previous action. So thank u to read my Suggest :D.
  8. xXxToFFi

    Teach me how to banned appeal Make your ban appel here. And u need to dm skruffy. and ask him why he ban u.
  9. xXxToFFi


    Trading 200mil for coal rank!! msg me when i online 😆
  10. xXxToFFi

    SkyBlock!!! :>

    my mean this clay..
  11. xXxToFFi

    Skyblock Suggestion

    Ncold Give some infomation!!!
  12. xXxToFFi

    SkyBlock!!! :>

    Yoooooooo, Hai Staff,owner,admin whoeven u are. so i see som of my build need clay ._. . but when i see at /shop there is no clay!!! :c So my suggestion is to add clay ad /shop So dont only me whoeven need clay will just Buy it 😆 ty
  13. xXxToFFi

    Combining Sell Wands

    Agree. i have so many sell sticks, i also thinking about this only.
  14. xXxToFFi

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    they not even scary. + can u tell me how that guys get the op gset without doing /gset in the game. they not even beg for the books. and this suggestion can't be add cuz it will make all the player ez to get the ce book. and that players how try hard. to get that books that will do choce 2 things leave the server or mining. cuz they will think we work hard legendary book. they will try to write i will leave this un. cuz i work hard to get this books.
  15. xXxToFFi

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Tickle u think if a guy even have 10T and he waste it on exp bottle and one stack give player almost 25 exp and then he use all and he will get like 100 or 120 exp then see he will buy legendary and rare book . and then think he doing this and doing this. then exp will be useless. then all think exp is so easy now anyone can get exp. and we can't make op prison more op. this prison is good without exp too.