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  1. ImSobar

    Skyblock Suggestions

    I think the same way. But I also think with the hoppers they could also add other stuff. Like arvid said, they will come back(custom hoppers) and the hoppers are already fast. And if you wanted to say for the second currency that they add like coins to get special items, then I would love that they get added.
  2. ImSobar

    Skyblock suggestions please accept

    First of all, like xXxToFFi already said, these are survival plugins, so I doubt they will be added. Second, I would say that you should describe and explain what these plugins do, because I think Suklly or dead have time to search up the plugins and look into what they do. I think if you create another suggestion with the plugins where they will be explained and what htey do, then they may be added but I doubt it.
  3. ImSobar

    Pay ALL ONLINE players in Prison

    I think that that command is not really needed. I think its a good idea but it would bring alot more begging (like you already said). I think you could also add that , if you do the command, there will be just one message saying that the command was succesful and like a nice message. Ofcourse it also could be helpfull for giveaways to make if fair but I think it isnt really neded. Its still a good Idea.