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  1. Ice_King_Blaze

    Make SkyPVP gamemode!

    Hi There! Owners,Admin! make an skypvp gamemode for fun , anyways you have 3 gamemode spaces left , this maybe be the one that you need... I will show you some pictures of my skypvp server , but the ip! 1. All Biomes and Places! 2. The spawn , that is in the middle! I hope u liked my suggestion!
  2. Ice_King_Blaze


    Welcome , Giveaway is about my island who has spawners , cactus farm , exp grinder and 130k to your bank accaunt (in minecraft bank accaunt) To Enter this giveaway , you need to do theese steps (3) 1. send me a pick where you build ur face in a single player 2. Spam ur ign - (in game name) in comment section 3. Just Wait And see how it goes! GiveAway starts 15:00- 20:00 End time! Good Luck!
  3. Ice_King_Blaze

    Minions & Crates

    Hello Dear Owners,this is about Skyblock , Fresh Start! I wanted you owners ask , add Add minions to islands minion should cost 100k , and if you buy more minions the value gets higher and higher , max minions per a player would be 10! <<MINIONS>> Now about the Crates add new crates every month , October = october crate key , you get the point It would add more popularitation to the server! Thank you owners for your attention ! -Ice_king_Blaze
  4. Ice_King_Blaze


    Hello! My name is Ice_King_Blaze , some of you may know me as BananaMIX - prison IceBabyIce - skyblock! I am not new on here ! Have a Good Day/Night!