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  1. Darkgroom

    Skyblock Suggestion Please Accept it

    Can Deadmaster make back ig spawner the spawn rate cause it's too slow and i got 2.5k ig spawner and i have afk for like 30min it just fill up 1 double chest only Please Remake it again the spawn rate not be too fast and not be too slow Thank You @DeadMaster
  2. Darkgroom

    Skyblock suggestion

    Can everyone have /skull or /heads command and make the skull or head cost 10k/each please. Why need this command because it helps us to decorate hehe please add those command
  3. Darkgroom

    Skyblock suggestion

    Can owner add more faster spawning rate of ig spawner (100x) ? Thank you Please add /afk command in /perks thank you if can hehe and can u add 1 plugin about /bank so the interest will increase if we still only please thank you
  4. Darkgroom

    Skyblock suggestion

    Hi , can deadmaster decrease the price of the sand (100$) and iron golem spawner (200k) in shop thank you and can u add shulker spawner and add llama spawner too and guardian spawner . thank you Can u add an infinite size of island hehe 😀 That's all , Thank you
  5. Darkgroom

    Skyblock suggestions please accept

    Can skully or deadmaster add new plugin to sb? 1. slimefun 2. Craftbook 3. Stb-tools That's all and I hope u can add those plugins that I gave u thank you .😀
  6. Darkgroom

    Can add back spawner stack please

    Can deadmaster or skully add back spawner stack so it can save more places I know there is someone duping stuff (I don't want to say who) but the advantage is it can save a lot of our space in there I hope u add It back