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  1. xXTheGamerDudeX

    Pick bugged in /trade?

    Those picks were my secondary if you pay close attention those are not the pick I lost mine was called starter pick if you go back a bit its a exca 3 I was mining with it
  2. xXTheGamerDudeX

    Pick bugged in /trade?

    Thank you and I am going to check my vault again, if its not there can it be returned?
  3. xXTheGamerDudeX

    Pick bugged in /trade?

    hello I had a pickaxe Exca 3 maxed out bedrock pick me and this guy were playing around /trade so I traded my pick and me nor him got it I had soul bound I died in pvp and still dint get it back proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBeLbCcu178 1:06:00 to 1:09:00