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  1. Happy birthday to you 

    may god bless you


    happy birthday bro


    1. Skully


      Thank you!

  2. TeslockPro

    Trading money for coal rank

    Hello, Its me TeslockPro i want to trade my 300millon in skyblock for coal rank msg me if you wanna trade. Ign - TeslockPro Discord - Teslockpro#8585
  3. TeslockPro

    [Forums] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TeslockPro What is the bug related to?: Forums Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello, Sorry that i written more then 40 hours in my staff application but more then 40 hours mean 40 hours +. I can't wait 3 weeks to rewrite the staff application for just a little mistake my application can't be denied its my humble request and please check my play time if you don't believe on me. TeslockPro