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  1. PLAYER REPORT Your Account Name: Billybobtod4 Player(s) Being Reported: Citroen When did the incident occur?: 02/16/2019 Reason for Report: He said in chat "Whoever pvps me will get 40mil with stuff back" so I decided to pvp him. So I got my best armour and went to go pvp him with 54 enchanted golden apples with my best sword. So I went and pvped him and he won. So i went back and said can I have my stuff back. And then he said I won and why would I give your stuff back. So I got a screen shot of him saying it. PLUS... he did it to BlitzkRuine. And Citroen said that you have to get it back like he said before but he never said it before. This is not my fault. He is a lying scammer. If you do agree, please permanent ban Evidence: Me and BlitzkRuine
  2. Billybobtod4

    What is the shop id for Light Blue Glazed terracotta

    Thank You so much
  3. I know this is a question that is very not needed but nobody knows so I thought maybe I could post here. So if anyone knows the answer, please by gladly reply to me in-game or here. Thanks! Also for the light gray glazed terracotta too :).