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  1. Skruffy

    hello there.

    Welcome to Ultra Network! I hope you enjoy your time here. Cheers!
  2. Skruffy

    EXP Blocks

    I agree with what Darrel said. Also, I believe it's pretty balanced by having certain dedicated mines/warps for xp, such as /warp x or u
  3. Skruffy

    Appealing a ban

    Hey there! This isn't the right place to make a ban appeal. Please go here:
  4. Skruffy

    unban me discord

    Hey there! This isn't the right place to be posting about this. You have to create a ban appeal @ about your discord ban.
  5. Skruffy

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    The gems transfer does work, but it just doesn't show in chat or the title (the message that appears in the middle of your screen) As for the second picture about the chat colors, this is also known. I believe it will be fixed in a future prison update.
  6. Skruffy

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    As of right now, the tags system does not work for the new chat format, which you are currently using in the screenshot. If you'd like to see the tag in chat that you've received, please do /prefs in-game and make sure you have the "Old Scoreboard" enabled. This will show you the chat format that was before the prison reset happened and you will see your tag. I hope this helped!
  7. Skruffy


    Unfortunately, we do not have any kinds of those events planned on a calendar. However, I love the idea of having events on the server every now and then.
  8. Skruffy

    Teach me how to banned appeal

    Please stop making threads about ban appeals in the Minecraft Discussion section. Please click the link that xXxToFFi and I have sent you, which takes you straight to making the ban appeal. Thread Locked.
  9. Skruffy

    Prison Reset - February 2019

    Finally an omega update
  10. Skruffy

    Increase VoteParty rewards

    I agree with you, especially with the state of the current economy of prison. It's kind of ironic that the voting system gives you better rewards than the actual voting party itself. I'd like to either see a better multi, more keys (common/rare/legendary), or possibly money added to your balance. (ranging from 1b-1T)
  11. Skruffy

    Pick bugged in /trade?

    Hey! Anything regarding bug reports should be posted here. Also, after reviewing your video, At 1:08:17, you placed both of the picks in your 3rd player vault. You even checked it again at 1:08:42 and saw the picks in your 3rd player vault. You thought you placed the picks in your player vault 1 when clearly you have placed it in the 3rd one. Regarding the soul bound enchant, if I'm not mistaken, you should take it off before trading with someone or else it will be bugged out as you clearly stated. This is what I had to say about your post. Let's wait and see what Skully or Dead do about this.
  12. Skruffy

    Hi! This Is MrRedBeard :)

    Welcome MrRedBeard. Nice to see you on the forums! I'm Skruffy and I mainly hang around prison. I hope to see you in-game soon
  13. Skruffy

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    This is a known bug. I believe it's in the works for a fix in a future update
  14. Skruffy

    To Check if it broke the rules

    It's not against the rules and we don't classify that as abuse. You should be good!
  15. Skruffy

    Hello Guys >:D

    Hey! Welcome to the UltraNetwork! No one's ever to old to play MC! I normally play prison but I do hop on skyblock ever now and then. Hope to see you in-game! Regards -Skruffy