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  1. Skruffy

    Hi! This Is MrRedBeard :)

    Welcome MrRedBeard. Nice to see you on the forums! I'm Skruffy and I mainly hang around prison. I hope to see you in-game soon
  2. Skruffy

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    This is a known bug. I believe it's in the works for a fix in a future update
  3. Skruffy

    To Check if it broke the rules

    It's not against the rules and we don't classify that as abuse. You should be good!
  4. Skruffy

    Hello Guys >:D

    Hey! Welcome to the UltraNetwork! No one's ever to old to play MC! I normally play prison but I do hop on skyblock ever now and then. Hope to see you in-game! Regards -Skruffy
  5. Skruffy

    [Prison] Idea for gems

    In my opinion, it's a bit useless because of the fact that you can convert gems into tokens and then use tokens for custom enchantments in /ce . If gems were ever to had another functional use, it can't overlap with the token usage.
  6. Skruffy

    [PRISON] Using gems in upgrading Multiplier

    Thank you for the suggestion! However, I somewhat agree and disagree with the you. I agree that gems need to be more useful in unique ways. They are pretty useless once you have enough tokens to pretty much max out enchants on your picks and etc. However, this actually brings up my next point, which is that this suggestion is technically already added in a way. You can convert gems into tokens, which then you can purchase multipliers in the /itemshop. It's a huge bummer since /upgrade for Better Sell V2 is currently disabled, if I can recall correctly.
  7. Skruffy

    Enchants In Prisons

    It's a good idea but I think it's a bit unnecessary. You can grind tons of XP at mines X or U and get those custom enchanted books in no time. I agree with what xXxToffi stated above, with excavation 3, it would be too overpowered by getting books every minute or so. The prison is already pretty OP in general. Adding this would make it a bit ridiculous.
  8. Skruffy


    Welcome LittleDinosaur! We've already met on Prison, but nice to see you on the forums!
  9. Skruffy


    Welcome my dude. Hope to see ya in-game soon!
  10. Skruffy

    Pay ALL ONLINE players in Prison

    Hey guys! This is my first suggestion post on these forums, so don't go too hard over me haha. So earlier today in prison chat, StevieWonderrr and I were wondering if there was a command to pay ALL members online? We can already deny everyone from our plot using /p deny *, so why not add it for /pay ? Here are some cons and pros I thought about. Pros: - Every player online gets a certain amount of money (will go more into detail down below). - No one feels left out (especially since all of these new players currently get loads of help by giving them free money and some of the old players might've not had this same experience). - Less begging can be an outcome, if executed properly (debatable PRO). Cons: -More begging can be an outcome (will explain down below how to minimize this problem) -Economy could get messed up (will explain more about the min/max limit to give all players money) *To be honest, I can't think of any other cons. Please let me know down below what you think* In order for this feature to be successful, I thought about some requirements/needs to achieve this feature in-game -Gold-Elytra Ranks automatically have it (Coal and Iron ranks do not) -You can buy this at /warp moneycommands for xT (I still don't know how much, but I do think if it gets added, it should be worth more since it's a higher up command on the list imo) -There's a cool down of 24 hours to do /pay * (amount) to everyone -Additional message pops up in chat that says "_____ person has sent everyone online x money. Please thank them and appreciate what you've obtained!" or something along those lines haha. (to prevent begging) *To be honest, I can't think of any requirements. Please let me know down below what you think*
  11. Skruffy

    Hey I'm Skruffy

    Hey I'm new to the forums but recently joined the server around a week ago. Nice to meet everyone on the forums! I hope I see you in-game as well