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    Welcome to the community and I am a...... person?
  2. BASTAMASTA31505

    [Prison] Token Enchants Limit

    I think that there should be a pickaxe limitation Like if you have a maxed out pickaxe then you must not be able to mine in smaller mines like in a, b, c etc. Because it will become too overpowered and will not let the other lower level people mine in the mines with the people who have maxed out pickaxes. I mean like everytime they [people with ranks of Rogue-3 or something like that ] try breaking blocks in mines such as A, B,C etc they should get a message saying [!]Your pickaxe is too powerful for this mine[!] Or something like that This would greatly help the beginners who will be able to mine in the mines without some guy with exca 3 ripping the whole mine apart and refreshing it every 2 seconds
  3. BASTAMASTA31505

    Pls I need help with /nick command

    thanks but i got it, a few people helped me figure it out
  4. BASTAMASTA31505

    Pls I need help with /nick command

    hello i have gotten the /nick with color for 1T but i cant get my name in color/bold pls help
  5. BASTAMASTA31505


    thanks everyone!
  6. BASTAMASTA31505


    Hello, I Am BASTAMASTA. i am a bit old (been playin since 5 or 6 days) but i have made a forum account today thats it bye