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  1. BASTAMASTA31505

    2 suggestions for Prison

    Two words : PRISON CELLS the reason for this is because, cells make it feel more like a prison rather than open plots also you can have a time span when the items in the plots can be transferred into the cell by just having the plots and cells available at the same time for like 2-3 weeks so that everyone can do that Another Suggestion: pls add more private vaults like, we can have 5 vaults with a similar price the only way to get a new vault is by purchasing a feature called vaults upgrade and a new vault will be added for the player also, pls make it so that the players can customise the names of their vaults like, instead of typing in a command such as: /pv 1 or /pv 2, we can use the command /pv costomise with different features and maybe change the command for us to something like: /pv A, /pv Z etc hope you are able to do this and I hope I did not bother you with my suggestions.
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    Welcome to the community and I am a...... person?
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    thanks everyone!
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    Hello, I Am BASTAMASTA. i am a bit old (been playin since 5 or 6 days) but i have made a forum account today thats it bye