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    Hi There!

    @PikChu badboi ❤️
  2. Thewithscs

    New Staff rank: Spanish Helper/Mod

    1-I agree with your opinion but if we want 100% assistance for spanish there must be at least 1 player controlling that chat, many times they do not see the chat, I have seen people passing ip's because there is no sanction because there is no filter (it does not work) . 2- Of course it is, the requirements must be the same, they must control Spanish 100% and English 50% +, it is good that most of the players speak english but those who speak spanish are not few. The only ones I've seen who know decent spanish are you, also the staff would need help with another chat. 3- Not all the chat pays attention to the Spanish chat, (they ignore it almost) I will not say names, I do not want someone to lose their rank because of me. Almost never players receive sanctions, I have seen players talking about illegal things and breaking many rules without receiving anything for that, the staff sometimes ignore when you report someone asking in this chat, (I will not say names for the same reason). - Thewithscs ❤️
  3. Thewithscs

    New Staff rank: Spanish Helper/Mod

    Many players take advantage of the fact that the mods do not speak spanish and by the spanish chat they start begging and insulting, the problem of this is that they are almost never sanctioned and can do that freely and that most of them play this game are younger children of 13 years and do not understand much english to communicate for a problem to a mod that does not speak their language. -Thewithscs ❤️
  4. Thewithscs

    Trading 8q for ru Iron > Lapis

    Trading 8q for ru Iron > Lapis More info contact me in discord Thewithscs#9624 bye :P