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  1. sezloc

    Upgrading the Shop (skyblock)

    Price can be nerfed even further i think that would make it balanced
  2. sezloc

    Upgrading the Shop (skyblock)

    The shop is a big part of Skyblock and it just makes everything easier for the players. i just would like to point to a few things that can make our shop potentially better :D -Adding More building blocks This goes without saying that adding more building blocks to Skyblock makes people think outside the box, i'll just make a few suggestions to what blocks should be added Terracotta blocks ( All colors) Clay block Hay bale Red sandstone (with all of it's shapes) -Adding a new tab for all types eggs (or combining it with misc) -Adding Rails (with all of it's types) -Adding saddles -Adding sound effects for clicking certain blocks in the shop -Adding Player heads (for people to do /skull and get their own heads) -Redstone I think redstone in the server deserves more, and here's a few suggestions to improving it -Making Piston price lower -Adding tripwire hook -Adding Daylight sensor -Adding lever -Adding DropperF/Observer blocks -Adding the ability to sell Water melon/Adding the ability to buy Bones -Adding more flowers -Adding armor stands and shields and Banners -Adding Vanilla enchants -Adding Nametag and Lead -Adding elytra Feel free to correct me on anything. also feel free to add your personal suggestion regarding the shop !
  3. sezloc

    Hi There!

    i love osu, i play it in my free time as well i am not very good at it tho, nice too meet you, pikchu ^^
  4. sezloc

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    you can get rare in about 3~4 mins in Prison, legendary in 10~20 mins. i think that's balanced and it should stay as it is
  5. sezloc

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    The point of Legendary custom enchants is basically to become hard to get. that's why it's 70 Levels. and it's not even that hard to get xp, you just need to look in the right place. If we made the XP that easy to access, would it even become legendary anymore ? i don't think so.