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  1. ItsMafiaPlays

    Uhm hi im mafia yay

    And theres my other friend yay 1000 iq dude yay
  2. ItsMafiaPlays

    Uhm hi im mafia yay

    Yay another friend yay im so happy now yay
  3. ItsMafiaPlays

    Uhm hi im mafia yay

    Yay thanks yay your my friend now yay
  4. ItsMafiaPlays

    Uhm hi im mafia yay

    Uhm hi im mafia plays and my ign is ItsMafiaPlays and and im a player in this server and im cool and lit dab squad famlit and and i really want fdiend bc im alone and sad rn hit the reaction button down below and say F if the chat and dont forget to sub to pewdiepie b4 i die yay thanks bye P.S. itay = einstein 10000 iq cool dude yay lit dab famlit squad yay
  5. ItsMafiaPlays

    [Prison] Some Helpful Tips

    This is a long essay dude. Xd
  6. ItsMafiaPlays

    Uhhh Hai Hello? i am Rock??

    Uhm.. Hi. And ye wie can be friends yay
  7. ItsMafiaPlays

    Prison Reset - February 2019

    Not omega faster ye
  8. ItsMafiaPlays

    Prison Reset - February 2019

    All prices are nerfed. But ye Nice Job owners! So hyped for this! Thanks Dead! Btw, is the prison server online again?
  9. ItsMafiaPlays

    Change Island owner.

    Or make me a leader yeah. Hehe.
  10. ItsMafiaPlays

    Custom Tag.

    I have a question. If you buy the custom tag, is it perm to me or it's one time use? And if its perm, can you change it for free or I'm gonna buy another one? Thanks in advance.