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  1. RussianEmpire

    /trash command

    Their should be a command to reattain trashed items in a certain period of time. What i am thinking is that if you trashed an item the you didn't mean to their should be a command like /trashbin that allows you to reattain the item within a certain time period. The time period should be like 1 or 2 hours to stop it from being used as another way to store items. This would stop a lot of players from losing items that was an accident when the placed it in the /trash command. Thank you for taking the time to read this and i hope you will add it later this reset or next reset. RealUSSR (rip my 500 pick)
  2. RussianEmpire

    Trashed items

    Is their a way to reattain trashed items. I am asking because i accidentally trashed a 500 pick i was using and i want it back.
  3. RussianEmpire


    How do i appeal a mute?
  4. RussianEmpire

    Easter DP

    I think this is a good idea because it might help some new players get a bit better faster then grinding. Good thinking 86!
  5. RussianEmpire

    How do you get colored names?

    To get colored names do the /color command and type in the code of the color before the name you want to use. In prison to do this you have to buy the /nick command from /moneycommands or to use bold you have to get the /nick command voucher and in Sky Block i think you have to have a Donator rank or have a certain island level(I really don't know about sky block) Here is an example of the command you would use and how it would look, and it is the same command for both Sky Block and Prison too. example - /nick &b&lPro&4&lUSSR This is the command i use for my name And the color codes that i used were &4 Red &l bold &b blue &l bold again
  6. RussianEmpire

    Lucky mining for gems

    I know their is a thing for this in /mining but what i think is that their should be a enchant in /pl to upgrade the amount of gems that you get more gems each time you get the random mining award so that people don't have to mine so much as they have to now.
  7. RussianEmpire

    [Prison] Store

    I think they should add gems to the store as well because when a person want to upgrade lets say their Elytra pick to have fort 300 its hard to mine all the gems that will be used.
  8. RussianEmpire

    [Prison] Gang commands

    I think you should add a way to see the gang balance history and see who has taken and put money into the gang. It would be easier for gang leaders to figure out and see what had happened to their gangs balance while they were gone. The reason i am suggesting this is because recently we had people accusing each other of stealing our gangs money and with this added to the /gang commands it would stop this from happening. Thank you for reading this!
  9. RussianEmpire

    Ultra Spammed me lol

    It spammed me look guys with "skruffy is reseting" lol
  10. RussianEmpire

    Alternate Account

    Can i re-add RussianEmpire as my alt to the server?
  11. RussianEmpire

    Here Harmbee

  12. RussianEmpire

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: RussianEmpire What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I keep getting banned before i joined the sever could you help me figure out what is causeing this