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  1. TickleMyPickle

    [Idea] Jarvis

    Hello lukas! I'd like to start by saying that I agree with 2 of your suggestions. But this one: I personally believe that this is unnecessary because there are a lot of people with grinders and xp farms such as: yihern, thewithscs, kristianX etc. Furthermore: I believe that this is highly unnecessary as there are more than enough ranks and adding another one would just be too much and putting pressure on players. Next up: In my opinion this would just be too tedious to organize and prepare. It takes time and effort and I do not think players would cooperate well. Last but not least: This would be a wonderful idea! It would be a place for all the players to connect and get to know eachother better. I hope I covered and explained everything you wanted to know. If you need any extra information be sure to message me : Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
  2. TickleMyPickle

    Increase the upgrade cap to 350

    Hello, Following the recent prison reset some changes have been made to the upgrade system. The one I will be focusing on is the fact that the /upgrade limit for pickaxes is 300(500 is the server max). I would like to suggest bringing that up to 350. Here is why: Before the reset the upgrade cap was 500 (700 was the max): 500/700 = 71% Now it's 300(500 is the max): 300/500 = 60% But if you bring it up to 350: 350/500 = 70% I believe that this is a nice idea but eh, it's just my personal opinion. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
  3. TickleMyPickle

    2 suggestions for Prison

    Hello! The problem with this is that this is OP prison, not a normal one. If you use cells it just limits the players' creativity on here. Also, commands such as /fly and /craft, and for a little bit of money, /lc, are all commands that are easily accessible and help you around the plots and mines. Personally, I do not think that cells are a good idea, as they will not be used because they are unnecessary. Also, I think that this is absurd. As a f2p player you get 3 vaults + an enderchest, which is more than enough space. And if it is not. You can simply go get a plot and place some chests down and put your items away. This is an okay feature but I personally believe that it is pointless and just a waste of time. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
  4. TickleMyPickle


    Hello I do not play skyblock but as far as I know there are sell sticks which you can use to sell. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
  5. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TickleMyPickle What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: The chat color disappears if bold text is used when it switches to a new line
  6. TickleMyPickle

    Increase VoteParty rewards

    [UPDATED AFTER THE RESET] Hello staff and fellow prisoners, As you might know, every 150 votes there is a small "event" called VoteParty. It gives you some keys/tokens/gems etc. But my issue, and I am sure many would agree with me, is that the reward is basically non-existent. I believe that: VoteParty reward should be increased OR Lower the number of the votes needed to 80 My personal suggestion would be to make the reward a combination of gem and token keys, with the amount ranging from 8 to 16 keys per VoteParty. That way more players could access them, as they are very desirable. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
  7. TickleMyPickle

    A cool new minigame <3

    Hello, Me, PikChu, Skruffy and GoNgEr were fooling around and I came up with a cool concept. You should make a 100x100 plot with ice floor and put a lot of boats on it. Then turn the pvp on and let us drive inside our boats and shoot eachother with bows. Kind Regards, TickleMyPickle
  8. TickleMyPickle

    Remove gem multipliers from multi crate

    Hello, I am a prison player and I have seen many people complain about this. They buy a multi key for, let's say, 60T just to get x2 gem multiplier. For all of u wanting to hate gems from mining have recently been disabled so the prize is useless in every aspect of it. I believe I can speak in the name of all the prison community when I say that it would be nice if you could remove x2 and x3 gem multipliers from multi crate. Kind regards, TickleMyPickle
  9. Hello

    ticklemypickle my croatian friend :P

  10. TickleMyPickle

    New Prison Prestige Perks

    That is actually quite a nice idea. Nice thinking Kind regards, TickleMyPickle
  11. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    I understand what you are trying to say, and I agree with you that I do not know anything about the plugin. But this is the suggestions section. I just proposed what I thought would be fun for us, the prison players. If that is not possible it is still fine by me.
  12. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    First of all, with all due respect brother I did put [OPTIONAL] there so no need to fall out. Also It's just my personal opinion and I never said I was right. Secondly, I do not understand why you mentioned all those enchantments. I never said we needed new ones. All I said is that the enchantments are too hard to get this way, thus having 5 enchantment types would allow us(the players) to get enchantments we want more easily. You took too much of what I said out of context and started barking up the wrong tree. Kind regards, TickleMyPickle
  13. TickleMyPickle


    Hello guys, I am TickleMyPickle, kinda ironic though. I do not even like pickles. My real name is Ante and I come from a small village in Croatia. I am mainly a prison player because I do not like skyblock very much :P. Online most of my free time and when I am not at school. I play every night: Tuesday, Thursday - 19:00 - idk (UTC 1+) Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 21:30 - idk (UTC 1+) Weekend basically all day long If you need me you can find me at prison. Love, TickleMyPickle
  14. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Also a good argument to point out: Overload enchantment is considered as a basic amenity of custom enchantment servers. It is something everyone has and/or should have. However, here, Overload V costs near to 1q. Enough said
  15. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    My good friend I don't think that you quite understand what I'm saying, I never said what they SHOULD do, all i did was suggest something that I personally think should be done. Following your logic you could also say that we should remove tokens and moneycommands. "Better players give to noobs". It happens with most of the items on the server and it cannot be stopped, thus adding xp bottles or making it easier to get the books should not be a concern. The bottom line is that I personally think we need more enchanted items in the server and that's not happening because of how demanding it is to grind for them.