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  1. Hello

    ticklemypickle my croatian friend :P

  2. TickleMyPickle

    New Prison Prestige Perks

    That is actually quite a nice idea. Nice thinking Kind regards, TickleMyPickle
  3. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    I understand what you are trying to say, and I agree with you that I do not know anything about the plugin. But this is the suggestions section. I just proposed what I thought would be fun for us, the prison players. If that is not possible it is still fine by me.
  4. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    First of all, with all due respect brother I did put [OPTIONAL] there so no need to fall out. Also It's just my personal opinion and I never said I was right. Secondly, I do not understand why you mentioned all those enchantments. I never said we needed new ones. All I said is that the enchantments are too hard to get this way, thus having 5 enchantment types would allow us(the players) to get enchantments we want more easily. You took too much of what I said out of context and started barking up the wrong tree. Kind regards, TickleMyPickle
  5. TickleMyPickle


    Hello guys, I am TickleMyPickle, kinda ironic though. I do not even like pickles. My real name is Ante and I come from a small village in Croatia. I am mainly a prison player because I do not like skyblock very much :P. Online most of my free time and when I am not at school. I play every night: Tuesday, Thursday - 19:00 - idk (UTC 1+) Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 21:30 - idk (UTC 1+) Weekend basically all day long If you need me you can find me at prison. Love, TickleMyPickle
  6. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Also a good argument to point out: Overload enchantment is considered as a basic amenity of custom enchantment servers. It is something everyone has and/or should have. However, here, Overload V costs near to 1q. Enough said
  7. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    My good friend I don't think that you quite understand what I'm saying, I never said what they SHOULD do, all i did was suggest something that I personally think should be done. Following your logic you could also say that we should remove tokens and moneycommands. "Better players give to noobs". It happens with most of the items on the server and it cannot be stopped, thus adding xp bottles or making it easier to get the books should not be a concern. The bottom line is that I personally think we need more enchanted items in the server and that's not happening because of how demanding it is to grind for them.
  8. TickleMyPickle

    [Forums] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TickleMyPickle What is the bug related to?: Forums Briefly explain the bug/issue: Greetings, just wanted to raise your awareness for something that I feel like is a thorn in the eye when scrolling through the site. You are missing "per" before the word day. Or just rephrase it and write daily. Kind regards, TickleMyPickle
  9. TickleMyPickle

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    I think it might be just in the game's code itself. I've seen the same complaint on numerous servers and yet nobody knows how to fix it. It's something like the piston and item frame dupe glitch. My money would go on the fact that it's just the game's code but I cannot tell u with certainty.
  10. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Yes, you can get rare in under 5 minutes, but imagine doing it 50 times till you get the book you wanted. I just don't think it's widespread enough, I mean like come on people use chests shops and advertise all day because they want some custom enchants. It simply takes too long to get good semi-gear, not to mention good gear, and once you get it you are basically never pvping because you are scared to death you could lose your set. I don't know if that's just me but I personally think that's messed up.
  11. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Bro don't u get it xd, what is the point of custom enchants if they are hard to access, they should be available to everyone so we can have fun with them. I agree that legy enchants should be hard to get but cmon 50 lvls for a rare enchant that will most likely be bad? It doesn't pay off to mine to get em cuz you need to open so much to get something good. All I'm saying is that they should be more accessible
  12. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Bro that is the whole point, it would be much more fun with custom enchants because then you wouldn't have to be afraid to lose one of your sets. I have over 30 hours and I've never seen people pvp. Everyone is scared of losing items. With custom enchants that wouldn't be the case and everything would be much more fun and enjoyable. What is the point of custom enchants if we basically can't even use them.
  13. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    That's not correct because as it is right now you will need 3 stacks of bottles per legendary which is basically 1T, you really think new players can afford that? The whole point of custom enchants is that everyone should have them and everyone should be able to use them. What is the point of them if only the no-lifers and the richest will have them?
  14. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Toffi you need to understand that custom enchants should not be so hard to get. You need to mine for 5-10 mins just to get a RARE book, even more for legendary. The problem is that custom enchants are just not accessible enough. They are simply too hard to get. Too much mining required. And it won't make warps like X useless because X was not designed for xp. It was designed so that people who are X can mine there and rankup. And the higher ranks (like myself) are constantly in X and the new guys can't get money because of us. And we don't have a choice.
  15. TickleMyPickle

    [Prison] /ce system needs a fix

    Hello, I've been playing on the Prison server for the last three days and I must say that it is wonderful. However, a major flaw is it's custom enchant system. Here is what i think is wrong: There are only 3 types of enchantments (common, rare, legendary) The enchantments are extremely difficult to get (70 xp levels for a single book like cmon) Obtaining enough XP is very difficult through mining I am not saying that everyone thinks this is bad, but in my opinion most of the players would agree. We cannot make enough use of custom enchants because they are just so demanding and it is too difficult to grind up for them. This is how I think it might be fixed: Implement XP bottles (300B per stack should be an optimal price) Implement mob spawners or a spawner crate (not so ideal but okay) Scale the enchantment XP level requirement (common 30, rare 40, legendary 50) [OPTIONAL] this is a lot of hard work, but, make 5 types of enchantments. All in all, I really feel like this has a lot of potential because I am a player who MAINLY decided to start playing on UN because of it's custom enchants feature and when I see it unbalanced like this makes me feed kinda blue because it doesn't pay off to grind the xp for the enchants. Thank you for considering this, TickleMyPickle