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  1. lukas9446MC

    [Idea] Forums section

    Add a new forums section called events. Here everyone can make a post if they are going to open a casino or a parkour battle or something like that and plan it so people know when their events will happen. This will be favorable for the events itself, and people who are bored from making money can come here and look for some other ways to have fun. lukas9446
  2. lukas9446MC

    Skyblock cat

    idk try it. If i'm correct u just have to give an ocelot fish?
  3. lukas9446MC

    [Idea] Stackable stacks

    What is the problem: Since the use of schematica is no longer illegal on the server, the amount of cactus getting dropped. This means a lot of boring things like putting a lot of chests/signs down and selling all the cactus have to be done a lot more. A way to speed especially that last thing up would be a great feature. What do i propose: I remember some youtube videos of people playing speed UHC. In this gamemode you were able to stack most blocks up to 256 I believe. If u could add this to skyblock that would be really usefull speeding up the selling of cactus. Anything else: I think the only item the requires this on the server right now is cactus, but if something else becomes meta in the future it might be necessary to stack that up to 256 as well. lukas9446
  4. lukas9446MC

    [Skyblock] Selling an island

    The island has been sold faster than expected. Congrats GamerNinga on ur purchase!
  5. lukas9446MC

    [Feedback] Commands

    - Just improved afk instead of complete afk seems like a good solution! - I have autosmelt from /perks and not from my pickaxe, and all the gold and iron ores i mine get autosmelted. - Autosell: At first I thought lag would be the reason why they wouldnt add it, but then I figured there is autosell on prison, and it would be used a lot more there than on skyblock. Doesn't it cause lag on prison? - And yes I out /feed with useless commands beceause of /heal
  6. lukas9446MC

    Skyblock - money

    The best farm is by far a cactus farm at the moment. I recommend checking youtube if u don't know how to make one. Definitely make sure to use the crop hoppers. Good luck!
  7. lukas9446MC

    [Idea] Customizable cobble generator

    If u add a prize tag to customize it it should be possible, then u first need to make money to be able change it, and people will only change it when they really need to. U could also make it 50% cobble, 10% iron, 10% gold, 30% customizable. And like 1 mill to change 1%
  8. lukas9446MC

    [Idea] Customizable cobble generator

    What is the problem: Recently I was building a casino on my island, and I came up with an idea called predict the ore. For this idea I had to mine a lot to gather all the ores I needed. Eventually I ended up only needing some more emerald blocks, while I was mining other ores that I didn't really need. What do I suggest: I think it would be cool if you could customize your chances for partially. If I would add this I would probably keep the 50% stone you have with a max gen right now, and let people customize the other 50% how they want it, whenever they want it. So if someone needs more gold blocks they can sacrifice iron, diamond and emerald ores to get gold faster. Anything else: I have no idea if this is possible, but if it is, I would definetly add it. lukas9446
  9. lukas9446MC

    [Idea] Youtube Channel

    What is the problem: In contrast to most other gamemodes, it is the players itself that create the most fun on skyblock. Except for a pvp arena and some events, people need to make it fun themselves. I am personally having fun building cactus farms just beceause of the idea that I am making money with it, but not all players know how to make it fun for themselves beceause they dont know what to do. What do I propose: An official UltraNetwork youtube channel would be a cool idea. On the channel u can upload video's on how to build stuff like cactus farms or grinders, but u can also explain several things that can help people to make more money faster, like schematica or the /changebind command. If there is anything new like choppers for example, u can also explain how they work here. Anything else: This will be a lot of work, definetly in the beginning, but once all the tutorials are done this will really be a big help to anyone that is new to skyblock or UltraNetwork in particular. lukas9446
  10. lukas9446MC

    [Skyblock] Selling an island

    I am selling the island that my alt has been holding all the time. I t has 2 cactus farms, 1 off 8 chunks and 1 of 5,5 chunks going from y-1 all the way of to y-130. Both farms have a chopper system with plenty off chests attached to it. Further there is a cool mining area i once made with 2 beacons u can keep. This island makes me about 25 million per hour, so u got ur profit after 12 hours of afk since the price is 300 million. Msg lukas9446
  11. lukas9446MC

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Nvm I have found the problem. My choppers sucked them up before the hoppers could. Would be usefull if this gets fixed tho, like maybe make it so people are able to select what their choppers suck.
  12. lukas9446MC

    [Feedback] Commands

    /afk: Since this command doesnt bypass the anti-afk it is an almost completely useless command. Just allowing it to bypass that anti-afk would make it a usefull command that i would buy with an irl. /nick: There are a lot of nickname formats, and I would divide those into different levels that can only be unlocked with ranks. Further its just a good command to make the chat (at least seem like its) more alive. /autosmelt: Usefull command, but makes the autosmelt CE unnecessary. Commands I would like to see added: /autosell /ptime (like /pweather) Command that you shouldnt change: /heal, /craft, /rename, /invsee, /hat, /fix, /ec Useless Commands: /afk, /feed lukas9446
  13. lukas9446MC

    [Idea] Jarvis

    I think Jarvis is a great idea and is really usefull in a lot of situations. However I have some more ideas where we can use Jarvis. Those ideas are: - Make Jarvis a real island with some things like a small public grinder, cactus profit farm etc. - Organise some events hosted by a real person disguised as Jarvis (with the right skin, name, ...). I was thinking about a dropparty, skin competition, parkour, maze, casino, ... - Give Jarvis a personal rank that is available to buy in the store (tag: [Jarvis]) - Annual Jarvis Cup: maybe at the birthday of Jarvis or the server host a big events. lukas9446
  14. lukas9446MC

    [Feedback] Blocks

    What could be better: Island level is still the main goal of the game called skyblock. Correct me if I am wrong, but at the moment there are only 3 blocks that really add points to your island level, and those are gold, diamond and emerald blocks. The only ways to obtain these are by mining them, by buying them or by opening keys. The easiest way is still mining and that can be fun, but it doesnt stay fun for a very long time, so adding other ways to get blocks would help out making that part of the server more fun. What do i suggest: - Add more ways to get blocks: Events, improve key rewards, spawners, Jarvis' dropparty (see [Idea] Jarvis (coming soon)), Daily vote goal?, ... - Buff some blocks: Lapis block, redstone block, iron block, obsidian, ... - Add random blocks with high is value: sponge, end portal frame, jack-o-lantern, obsidian, moss stone, dead bush, note block Anything else: If im correct blocks placed in nether dont add their points to the is level? Not sure on that but if its true it would be another small thing that u could improve. lukas9446
  15. lukas9446MC

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: lukas9446 What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Recently I joined another island, but due to timezone and the cobble generator not working when the island owner is no online, I mostly mine on my alt which holds an island with some cactus farms I bought. At the warp of the account that I joined the new island with there are 2 hoppers with some chests for donations, but when I dropped some blocks in there with my alt some of them disappeared. I dropped about 30 stacks of gold blocks, 12 stacks of diamond blocks and 6 stacks of emerald blocks, but I never found the emerald blocks. I am 100% sure I dropped them, and 100% sure that I have never seen them again after. I dont really care that much about the blocks, but I definitely think this is something that should be prevented from happening again in the future. lukas9446