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  1. DOOMLOX_doom

    Is schematic allowed?

    Alright thank you
  2. DOOMLOX_doom

    Is schematic allowed?

    Hello again I just wanna say that is schematic allowed in the Prison server cause it likes you build automatic without placing in the same place it places randomly where you go if it is allowed let me know
  3. DOOMLOX_doom

    uh hi?

    Welcome Bagsteir I'm as well a new player which is cringy to say it but we hope we meet each other and be friendly so uh have a nice day
  4. DOOMLOX_doom

    hello there.

    Welcome to the server Mika I'm as well a new player to the server (awkward xD) but anyways I hope we meet each other soon and have a nice rainy day 😂
  5. DOOMLOX_doom

    I bet that nobody remembers me

    Welcome WafflesAreGods I don't know and we don't know each but we hope we can meet each other within the discord and the Minecraft server, hope you have a nice day 😀
  6. DOOMLOX_doom

    Greets Ultramania

    Hello there I'm Doom aka doomlox So as I played my survival world with a friend called"Fids" a close friend of my so he said there this server that will give about "$500 Billion in-game" which I got amazed. so I told fids to give the server IP and how it started is a colorful player with tags and all that and its a lot of creative stuff within jailbreak or Prison. well, fids helped me out saying by mining and my own plot building and give in a coal and iron kits which are amazing (thanks fids) that are how I started off with jailbreak Hope we meet soon.
  7. Hey, I'm Doom aka doomlox just a dude with an open mind in case you want to know, hope you have a good day.