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Skyblock Reset Changes

Please ensure you read the full topic prior to asking any questions.

Hi there!

First and foremost, this reset may result in a few possible bugs being created, if you discover any then we ask you to report them here, if you have any questions for the time being regarding the reset you can ask for support in the discord server.



  • New Spawner System (One of the main aims for the reset was to give the spawner system an overhaul.)
    • Spawners now spawn entities faster!
    • Multiple spawners can now be placed at once.
    • All spawners now have a max level of 100.
    • Squid spawners will now work.
    • Right-clicking a spawner will give you detail about the spawner (Opening an interface)
      • In the interface you will be able to see statistics about the server (e.g. how much mobs have spawned from the spawner)
  • New Hopper System
    • You can now left click hoppers to view additional information, statistics and more.
    • You can now filter (whitelist/blacklist) what items go inside the hopper!
      • This can be found by left clicking the hopper.
    • Items that are dropped nearby can be picked up. (this is also known as "suction")
    • You can now link a hopper to a chest.
      • The chest doesn't have to be connected with the hopper.
      • This option can be found in the left click menu.
  • Island Changes

    • New island top!
      • Full menu redesigned for optimization.
      • Players displayed on island top will now have their island level, position, worth, members & island statistics displayed.
      • In the statistics page, you can view the players amount of spawners placed. (all different types)
      • Island top will generate on every reboot automatically.
    • Default islands are now generating at Y 50.
    • Island size by default is now 100 (Can be upgraded in /upgrade to max size 1000)
    • A border will show for your max island size.
    • Improvements to showing changes for offline members after they join.
  • Custom Mob Drop Changes
    •  All custom drops have been removed and will return in a later date.
  • New Fast Placing Feature

    • Using fastplace will now allow you to place blocks quicker without having to use WorldEdit, yes it still uses items from your inventory!
    • See this image for all additional information regarding this feature.
    • You can learn more about fastplace if you do /fastplace whilst in-game.
  • WorldEdit Changes
    • Everyone now has access to //count <block> while on their island
    • Everyone now has access to /ascend (/top ally) while on their island
    • Everyone now has access to /descend while on their island
    • Everyone now has access to /top while on their island 
    • Everyone now has access to //calc <sum> (e.g. //calc 321 + 123)
    • Entering the command //wand will now prompt you into the purchasing a wand for easier pos1 & pos2 selecting
    • When selecting pos1 & pos2 it will not outline the number of blocks you have selected 
    • WorldEdit messages have been adjusted
    • Main worldedit prefix has been changed
  • JarvisV2 Addition
    • Will now give the player a tutorial (Similar to Prison Server)
    • Can be found at spawn or can be began using /tutorial (/tutorial leave/quit to quit)
  • PrisonGuard & AntiCheat changes (Changes here are applied to the Prison & Skyblock Server)
    • AntiCheat changes:
      • All checks have been improved to prevent false positives.
      • When glitched into a block you will now be sent a message on how to fix yourself.
    • PrisonGuard changes:
      • When a message is sent from #skyblock-chat or #prison-chat and the message contains an inappropriate word it will be blocked.
      • Removed Spanish filter.
  • Shop Changes
    • Added new leaves section that can be found in the blocks section or the new "Other" category.
    • Added raw mutton to farming section.
    • Added apple to farming section.
    • Added "Other" Category.
      • This section will consist of materials that have multiple types
      • Currently, there are 3 subcategories inside this: Leaves, Flowers & Saplings
        • We plan to add more sections like different types of banners, bed colours etc.
    • Reworked the farming category.
      • Flowers have been removed and now is in its own category.
      • All seeds now cost $150 ($250 before)
        • Coco beans now sell for $30 ($20 before)
      • String now costs $30 ($15 before)
        • String now sells for $15 ($4 before)
    • Pumpkin seeds now sell for $20 ($10 before)
    • Gunpowder now sells for $10 ($3 before)
    • Leather now costs $30 ($10 before)
      • Leather now sells for $10 ($5 before)
    • Eggs now sell for $30 ($5 before)
    • Bonemeal now costs $100 ($200 before)
    • Cobblestone price from $30 to $50.
      • Sell prices increased to $10 to $30.
    • Bookshelf price decreased from $500 to $250
      • Sell prices increased from $5 to $25
    • Packed ice increased to $500 from $250
      • Sell prices increased from $30 to $50
    • Endstone increased to $500 from $10
      • Sell prices increased from$ 0.45 to $50
    • Sand & Sandstone increased to $200 from $175
      • Sell prices increased from $17.5 to $20
    • Stone Brick related blocks increased to $300 from $5
      • Sell prices increased from $0.2 to $50
    • Quartz block increased to $100 from $50
    • Water & Lava bucket decreased to $500 from $300
      • You can no longer use the buy more option for buckets.
    • Iron ingot now sells for $50 ($30 before)
    • Gold ingot now sells for $50 ($40 before)
    • Lapis now sells for $20 ($10 before)
      • Buy price is now $120 ($100 before)
    • Diamond now sells for $80 ($60 before)
    • Emerald now sells for $90 ($80 before)
    • You can now buy cactus for $50.
    • Purchasing an item will no longer close the GUI.
    • Zombie price changed from $100,000 > $300,000
    • Witch spawner decreased from $250,00 > $150,000
    • Iron Golem Spawner increased from $150,00 > $200,00
    • Removed enderman spawners from the shop.
    • GUI will no longer close when buying materials/items.
    • You can now buy up to 1-36 stacks of a full inventory in the 'buy more' option (See fore more info)
    • Tools section has been removed.
  • New mcMMO Credits
    • With mcMMO credits you can unlock more levels of mcMMO abilities, you can use credits in /redeem.
    • Credits can be obtained from crates, voting, voteparty, etc.
    • mcMMO Credit commands:
      • /credits <player> (View another players credits, do /credits to view your own)
      • /credits send <player> <amount> (Give another player credits)
      • /redeem (Opens interface for redeeming)
      • /redeem <skill> <amount> (Redeem a skill using command)
  • Message prefix has been changed
    • All messages sent by the server will now contain "Skyblock |" in them
  • Crate Changes
    • Multiple players can now open crates at once. (FINALLY!)
    • Players will no longer be able to get crates on their island.
    • You can now enable "Bulk Keys" option in /prefs
    • Crates now have credits in them.
    • Fixed some crates having rewards that won't give the reward when you win
    • Crates are now more organized and less stupid
    • Vote Crate:
      • Removed useless rewards.
      • Adjusted rewards.
    • Common Crate:
      • Removed all type of logs from the crate
      • Removed useless rewards
      • Doubled some rewards so it matches with crate order now
      • Fixed issue with not able to get Redstone blocks
    • Rare Crate:
      • Doubled the block rewards
      • You can now get legendary keys again
      • Changed enchanted golden apples to normal golden apples
      • Added back blizzard kit rewards
        • Now display the enchants of the item as lore
      • Removed cow spawner from rare crate reward
    • Ultra Crate:
      • Removed fortune from OP Pickaxe (Fortune and silk don't work together!)
      • Changed money rewards around so they're in order.
        • Removed 35k & 75k reward.
      • Added valuable blocks.
      • Replaced 5 legendary keys with 2 ultra keys.
      • Changed some names of spawners as reward names.
    • Legendary Crate:
      • Changed enchanted golden apples from 10 to 3.
        • Changed name from "Golden Apple" to "Enchanted Golden Apple".
      • Changed rare key amount from 1 to 2.
      • Changed around the order of were rewards are positioned.
      • Removed 45k money reward.
        • Money rewards are now in order to make sense with other crates.
      • Added you can now get 2 legendary keys.
    • Daily Crate:
      • Changed positions for rewards around.
      • Added you can now get a legendary, rare & common key.
    • Spawner Crate:
      • Added more spawners.
      • Each reward now gives 100 of the spawner you win.
      • We will be making spawner crate more easier to get during the next few weeks.
  • Added Pets
    • What are pets? Pets are cosmetical creatures that only donators (currently) have access to.
    • Coal rank and above have access to all pets.
    • Commands:
      • /pet (Opens GUI)
      • /pet call (Teleports you pet to you)
      • /pet setname <name> (Change your pet name)
        • Gold rank and above have access to changing pets name with colour
      • /pet hat (Puts your pet on top of you)
        • Redstone rank and above have access to this
      • /pet ride (Ride your pet)
        • Void rank and above have access to this
    • Note: pets are only cosmetical and do not grant any advantage
  • Improvements to Rename System
    • You can no longer use any inappropriate words onto items
    • You can no longer rename "BOOK", "TRIPWIRE_HOOK", "PAPER"
    • Renaming is now more efficient
  • Voting Changes
    • New voting rewards:
      • $1,000
      • 1 Vote key
      • 5 mcMMO credits (/redeem)
        • Rewards will build its way up during the next few weeks
    • New lucky rewards:
      • You now have a chance to win an extra 1M from voting
      • You now have a chance to win a 100 uses sellwand from voting
      • You now have a chance to win a spawner key from voting
    • You can now vote while offline (you will receive rewards on your next login)
    • Votetop changes:
      • Replaced spawner key with ultra key for #1, #2 & #3
  • New improved Spanish chat support (Prison & Skyblock)
    • When a player chats with their locale (Minecraft Client Language) set to anything related to "Espanol" (or es_XX) they will be put into Spanish chat.
  • Buycraft Changes (Full Network Adjustment)
    • The buycraft plugin will now run on the main server.
    • You will be given the package that you have purchased from the store instantly after purchase.
  • AntiAFK Addition
    • If you AFK for 20 minutes you will be kicked from the server.
    • AFK Pools are now against the rules for Skyblock.
  • Improved EXP withdrawing (changes applied to prison too):
    • You can now do /xpbottle all and it'll put all your EXP into a bottle for you!
  • Every block placed/broken are now logged more efficiently.
  • The server will now keep track of the amount of players total joined (will now display on the welcome message)
  • You can no longer place enchantment tables.
  • Winning a chatreaction will now give a common key instead of 500k.



  • Fixed left click purchasing first generator in upgrades would not give it.
  • Fixed a glitch when you spam place spawners it would not merge.
  • Fixed default generator giving iron ore instead of coal ore.
  • Fixed exploits with able to duplicate with enchanting tables in WorldEdit.
  • Fixed when renaming an item in some random occasions it wouldn't rename it.
  • Fixed a bug when spamming left click to place spawners would place another whole new stack beside the current spawner.
  • Fixed some crate rewards having a 0% chance type due to calculation error.
  • Fixed issue with block logger causing issues with WorldEdit.


  • Removed bar bets completely.
  • Removed custom mob drops.
    • This change may be reverted at a later date.


Additional to the features above, you may have noticed a complete redesign to ur branding and logo, along with a rework to our website and forums. Our store has also been redesigned, check it out here and why not drop a few things in your cart whilst you're there? ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist! For all players who have purchased content from the store, PM an owner on Discord and we'll refund you anything that you are not automatically issued when you rejoin.

Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update! :)

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