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I started playing this server and know some of the commands. But there must be some of the commands that I haven't discovered yet and I would like to ask everyone about the commands that available for Members and Donors. (let's not list Staff commands)

The purpose im doing this is for starters to know the commands so that can have a better experience in the server (hopefully they visit this topic)

These are the commands I know since I played this server:


  • /kit = list of kits
  • /warps = list of warps
  • /p help =list of plots command.
  • /gang help = list of gang commands.
  • /tokens = /pl = open GUI that you can upgrade ur pick using tokens
  • /upgrade = open GUI that you can upgrade your pick or buy BetterSellV2 using gems.
  • /topreaction = a GUI shows a list of the top players won in reaction.
  • /help = list of some commands.
  • /epay <player> <amount> = pay specified player money.
  • /bt = /baltop = shows the richest players in server.
  • /sc = a spanish chat command.
  • /ah = open a GUI shows items that player sells and you can buy.
  • /ah sell <amount> = Sells an item you hold for a price to the AuctionHouse.
  • /shop = opens a shop GUI.
  • /sell = sell blocks in your inventory
  • /fly = obviously its a command to fly lol.
  • /mining = open a GUI and shows you the rewards for mining certain amount of blocks.
  • /tutorial = basic tutorial about prison.
  • /quests = do quests for rewards such as limited multi, tokens and gems.
  • /hub = go back to the login server
  • /sb = go to skyblock (/prison if you are in skyblock or hub)
  • /is = go to ur first plot and "this is prison not skyblock server,genius" as a reward for using that command. (/p h in skyblock gets you to your island and the same quote)
  • /discord = gives you the link to UltraNetwork discord server.
  • /forums = /website = shows you the link to this world!
  • /vote = shows you the links you can vote for the server for rewards, show rewards from voting.
  • /register <password> <confirm password> = a security command that proves you are a member/donor/staff of UltraNetwork. 
  • /login <password> = enable you to get fun experience in UltraNetwork if you type your password correctly.
  • /reaction = info about this plugin.  
  • /ranks = a full list of mines (not including donor mines)                      
  • /tps = tells you the 'tick per second' of the server 1m, 5min and 15min ago.    
  • /pv <number> = a player vault that you can store your stuff in there like a portable chest. Unlimited uses (not amount) of pv.                              
  • /report <player> <reason> = report a player that broke the server rules.    
  • /rules = a link to a full list of rules.  
  • /msg <player> <text> = /t = /w = send a private message to a specified player.                                                       
  • /r = reply a message to someone whom send you a private message.    
  • /te <withdraw|give|add|?> = commands of tokens (to show a full list of tokens, for example /te give      
  • /withdraw <amount> = withdraw your money into a paper (max: 500T)   
  • /gems <give|withdraw|..> = commands of gems (refer to /te)   
  • /topmined = list of  top players that mined the most blocks.
  • /topminedweekly = for list of top players that mined the most blocks in a week.                                            
  • /perks = a GUI for perks                     
  • /as = autosell.                                   
  • /skin <skin name> = set a skin for your player in this server.          
  • /donate = a GUI for players to buy items/perks/bundles/etc. using real currency.                                                  
  • /lc = a command for donors, ask staffs about it                                                         
  • /pick = a GUI that can enable or disable you to drop a pick.                       
  • /ce = GUI of custom enchants.               
  • /rename <text> = rename your items                                                    
  • /nick <text> = rename your player name                                                             
  • /craft = open a crafting table.                 
  • /echest = /enderchest = open an enderchest anywhere.                              
  • /pvp = statistic of your Kill/Deaths and a warp for you to pvp area.                     
  • /dailyreward = (idk if this exist) gives you your daily reward.                              
  • /trade <player> = open a 100% safety trading GUI                                                 
  • /nightvision = free nightvision

[item] = show your items in chat.

I can't think of other prison commands anymore, if you know other commands that are not listed in my topic, feel free to reply so that you can help me and the other players.

Sorry for not adding skyblock commands because I might burst recalling all commands and its function.

- Think about helping others no matter who they are -


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/Reaction wins =Show u how much times did you win in reaction

/seen <Playername> =Show you when last time targeted player join into the server (idek how to say it cause my grammar is crap)

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On 1/2/2019 at 5:45 AM, Steyn2002 said:

I hope they add: "/find" To see if that player is on Skyblock; Prison or Hub.

Well that would be useful but you easily check the servers by doing /skyblock or /prison

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On 1/2/2019 at 11:45 AM, Steyn2002 said:

I hope they add: "/find" To see if that player is on Skyblock; Prison or Hub.

Great idea :D 

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