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well let me start xD

Anime that i watched:

BNHA s1-s3, BNHA 2 heroes

Death Parade



Noragami,Noragami Aragoto

Ireggular magical high school

No game no life, No game no life zero



Digimon Adventure (Watched this when i was 6 :p)

Sonic X

Yuri on ice (yaoi anime..)

Black Bullet 

You lie in April

Attack on titan 

Doraemon , Doraemon Stand by me (and others movies)

Tokyo Ghoul

FullMetal Achemist

Hunter x Hunter

Pretty Rhythm: Dream Aurora, Dear My future, Rainbow live 

Date a live 


and other more.....

My favourite Anime genre: Shounen

now post your :P 


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