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Hey its me again.


There's some ideas again that I would like to suggest in skyblock which is: Credits should be redeemable physically


Credits are one part of helping some skills in mcmmo level up. But what if someone wants to sell the credits with another one who wants it but they're on a different timezone (like one join in and the other one who sells credits logs out)


So instead of like waiting for someone to go online and sell/buy those credits. they can just make a shop (the chestshop in each islands) or sell it in /auction house for like a demanding price (which I saw this on other servers/Videos which use mcmmo and I find it really good)

Anything else?

So for the command /creditwithdraw (amount) [Or think of a command that is something shorter for that] you can hold credits for real instead of seeing it in your player info. This will make transferring credits easier than waiting and voting (not saying that players will only buy the credits but voting is important too) and also it is a good buy 'n sell item for everyone.




          - Finn the Human

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