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Hello ! 

Ultra's Team 

Like a member that i respect the server rules , and like a member that didn't do anything without permission

I creating my new official facebook page when i share with people anything beautiful and intersting in UN ( specialy SkyBlock)

Because in UN there are many creative members . I'm not here for advert or anything like that .

But i want to have a permision to share my fb link page in Ultra skyblock's chat ( Because advert without permission = breaking the rules)

And i promise with :

* Page content 70 % about UN

* If i sharing anything about UN i have to put the server IP

* Making people intersting more about the server

* If i earn anything from the Page ( i will take 25% only)

Thanks for reading this Suggestion , and i hope you accept it

Page link : www.facebook .com/koukouplayer



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